27 December, 2018 News

Some tips to manage a “bulky” mother-in-law They say it’s sometimes difficult to get along with one’s mother-in-law: is it just a way of saying, or is it partially true?   The mother-in-law: a family figure that is often feared by future brides, and a ‘’sometimes irritating’ presence in a couple’s life, or a precious […]

18 August, 2018 News

Dressing up for a summer wedding Fashion tips for an impeccable summer look Summer weddings require an appropriate apparel! In fact, if on one hand they can take advantage of the summer season – with its good weather, outdoor venues and whatnot – on the other hand they also take place during the hottest weeks […]

6 March, 2018 Editorial Publications

A special effects wedding Luminous installations, modern scenography, music and entertainment: these are just some of the fundamental ingredients for the success of an important event like a wedding. How do you organize everything? Just ask the right experts: for example, the Deejay Choice Eventi team   Luciano Paitoni is the owner of Deejay Choice […]

22 February, 2018 News

Original place cards Make you wedding banquet tables even more special with unique and artistic place cards, customized especially for your wedding!     A wedding’s mood is dictated by a multitude of details, assembled together with care, to create the perfect style for your wedding party. Amongst these, we find the guests’ place cards: […]

19 February, 2018 News

Tanning on the wedding day: pros and cons A beautiful ‘tan’ makes it even more beautiful! Could it also be suitable for the day of your wedding?   The tan gives a touch of beauty to all: who does not wait to finally show off a beautiful golden tan instead of winter pallor, when summer […]

8 February, 2018 News

Curiosity: Why does the wedding ring leads to the ring finger? According to the story, there are several reasons why the wedding ring is carried on the left ring finger   Have you ever wondered where the tradition of wearing the wedding ring on the left ring finger comes from? Browsing through legends and historical […]

29 January, 2018 Editorial mentions

The perfect wedding ring holder A small object that serves for a very special purpose during the wedding ceremony: we’re talking about the wedding ring holder, and here’s how to pick the perfect one for you!     If what they say is true, and a successful wedding is indeed composed by a mosaic of […]

23 January, 2018 News

Necktie or bow tie? Future grooms must pay attention to the details of their wedding look, just as much as brides! For example, how can you choose between wearing a necktie or a bow tie?     Women aren’t the only ones who need to create a perfect wedding look! It might seem easier for […]

21 January, 2018 Editorial mentions

Choosing your first dance Choosing the song for your first dance as husband and wife is one of the fundamental decisions made for any wedding. Have you already chosen yours?     The bride and groom’s first dance is a very emotional moment, for the newlyweds as well as for their loved ones. It’s not […]

19 January, 2018 News

The handfasting ritual An ancient ritual with Celtic origins: here’s everything you need to know about it!     The handfasting ritual is another of the numerous symbolic celebrations that you can chose for your wedding, for an added personalized touch of romance. This rite has ancient Celtic origins, and it is legally recognized in […]

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