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In 1967 Palazzo Martinengo delle Palle opened a second time in history its doors to the city of Brescia in the renewed role of exclusive restaurant. An escape of Renaissance columns that open cross vaults make us relive the glories of the past.

Antique mirrors, precious chandeliers, sconces with diffused light, copper ornaments embellish the place where the steeds of noble fellow citizens rested and refreshed themselves. For twenty years the direction of this show has been directed by Giovanni and Santo Mazzolari and then move on to the current chief: Aldo Mazzolari who with his verve, his creativity, his originality has made the restaurant La Sosta, already unique in its kind, the most coveted meeting point in the city.

The real great magic, however, is realized in knowing how to transport such beauty and elegance in the realization of Catering, of which Aldo Mazzolari has been a pioneer for over forty years, always bringing with it a long experience built day by day with its unique staff and of trust that accompanies him in every new adventure and challenge.
All these qualities allow the Park to be realized to the best to meet the most particular and exclusive needs of every customer who decides to rely on us.


  • How many guests can you cater for?
    Until 1000
  • Is the food cooked in the same location as the reception?
  • What kind of special menus do you offer?
    We make them personalized with the customer
  • Can you give me a brief outline of the menu?
    Aperitif, two first courses served separately, a second choice of meat or fish
  • Can the couple bring their own wedding cake?
  • Is there a surcharge?
  • What is the latest that the wedding celebrations can go on to?
    Normally until 02:00 am, the service can continue by agreeing on the price
  • What types of payment do you accept?
    Cash, bank transfer
  • Prices start at
    € 80 per person


An Italian-style Wedding Menu

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