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Have you always dreamed to celebrate your wedding in a location that allows you to enjoy a splendid view of Lake Garda?

The Miralago Restaurant can give life to your desires! An exclusive space that combines a sophisticated and contemporary design with the beauty of a panoramic view of the lake, perfect for a wedding with a bright and sophisticated atmosphere.

The newlyweds and their guests will feel pampered, not only by the welcoming atmosphere, but by exquisite gourmet dishes prepared with care and excellent ingredients, meticulously selected.

Miralago is a great choice for those who want to spend their special day in a setting with a certain effect, accompanied by the pleasure of tasty and refined food.


  • How many guests can it hold?
    Minimum 100 people, with no maximum limit (price changes may fall below 100)
  • Can you give me a brief outline of the menu?
    Aperitif with 4 taste islands 2 first 1 second 1 pre-dessert Water, wine, coffee Wedding cake and sweet buffet Open bar with 3 cocktails of your choice (with a maximum average consumption of 120 drinks)
  • Do you have any special menus?
    The menus are built by the spouses who can choose between various options, we generally include a taste in our restaurant and then formulate the proposal that best suits the needs of the spouses.
  • Can the couple bring their own wedding cake?
    No, because we have internal pastry
  • Venue
    Lake View
  • Prices start at
    € 135.00 per person + VAT


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