The Vittoriale of the Italians

Wedding villas - Gardone Riviera


“I throw all my flowers from the Vittoriale to you, because they are intertwined with the ceremonies of this rite of love and pride”.  Gabriele d’Annunzio


Gabriele d’Annunzio would certainly have rejoiced to see the mansion he had erected as a monument of his “inimitable life” becoming the stage of the sentiment that most of all exalted with his poetic work.

The Vittoriale Foundation of the Italians and the City of Gardone Riviera have in fact stipulated an agreement for the celebration of marriages and civil unions in what from “the extreme legacy of the Vate to the Italian people” has become the most visited house-museum of Europe.

He reappropiated of its original spaces thanks to the project “Reconquest” and enriched over the last years of numerous works of art – so much so that it can also be considered a true museum of contemporary art in the open air – The Vittoriale offers the celebrations, the Auditorium, on which the two-seater airplane that accompanied the Vate in the famous flight over Vienna, and the Loggiati, overlooking the house of the Poet, from which there is a wonderful view of lake Garda.

An agreement that follows the numerous requests made by Italy and abroad to celebrate their marriage where nature, history, poetry and art come together in a perfect union.

“We will welcome those who want to join here, at the Vittoriale, with the splendor that Gabriele d’Annunzio would have reserved for the most beloved guests” said the President of the Vittoriale Mr. Giordano Bruno Guerri, “and we will offer all the enchantment of a unique place in the world, like the their happiness: a jewel set in the crown of Garda and Gardone Riviera”.

“The celebration of marriage in an enchanted place with the certainty of transmitting a unique and unforgettable emotion” commented the Mayor of Gardone Riviera, Andrea Cipani.


*(The images were created by the photographer: Marco Beck Peccoz)


  • Is it possible to hold a wedding ceremony here?
  • Do they host more than one event a day?
    Celebrations YES, Events NO
  • How many guests can it hold?
    It depends on the rented space
  • What is the latest that the wedding celebrations can go on to?
    Until 02:00 am, for music from 00:00 am to 02:00 am, a written derogation from the municipality of Gardone Riviera is required
  • Do you have access for disabled people?
    Only for the Auditorium
  • Are pets allowed?
    Yes, excluding the Prioria
  • Venue
    lake view
  • What types of payment do you accept?
    bank transfer in a single payment at the time of the contract
  • Prices start at
    € 1,500 plus VAT as per law. For the celebrations see excerpt of the convention on the site

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