Giorgia Caramanti

Italian wedding planners - Desenzano del Garda


I’m a proud wife and a happy mom. I want to think that my last name is a kind of prophecy, it means, “dear to the people you love.”

Since 2010, I help couples get married! I have organized hundreds of marriages, many of them for weddings from abroad (England, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Holland, Sweden, United States and Canada). I have always been fascinated by the literature and the ways of living in other countries and every time I’m excited about your experience here at Lake Garda, on your trip to get married in these enchanting places. At the same time, your event and your beautiful story become a trip to me as well.

The first meetings with you spouse often happen via skype and sometimes in person. I devote all the time you need to listen to and learn about it. When you come to Lake Garda I like to be your guide and a perfect hostess, but you will be making all the decisions regarding your wedding. It helps you to develop a complete vision of the event and lead you through the most appropriate path to the most important day where each single element will reflect your way of being and feeling.

I am happy because my clients say the preparation experience with me becomes calm and carefree: this is my goal! I want that you be peaceful to live your wedding at Lake Garda. Over the years I’ve been working with so many professionals in this region of Italy so I will be happy to coordinate a team close-knit during your most beautiful day.


  • Do you work exclusively with certain suppliers?
    Senza restrizioni
  • What types of cerimony do you organise?
    Religiosa, Civile, Simbolica
  • DO you organise religious weddings of all denominations?
  • Which type of weddings do you specialise in?
    Religiosi, Civili, Simbolici, A tema, Vintage. Sono a disposizione per darti una consulenza creativa personalizzata, rispettando il budget previsto.
  • On average. How large are the weddings you organise?
    Tra 20 e 150 invitati
  • Do you work for more than one event on one day?
  • How soon before the event do I have to contact you?
    Consiglio di contattarmi almeno 6 mesi prima delle nozze
  • Do you work alone or in a team?
    In Team
  • Do you have collaborators in case of unforeseen circumstances?
  • Do you stay at the venue until the end of the event?
    Dipende dal tipo di contratto

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