Gabriele Bernasconi

Wedding photographers - Puegnago del Garda


“Emotions must be captured, not forced” So I tell who I am and how work.

I believe that a photo shoot of a wedding should not just be done review a white dress (it would be enough to open the wardrobe where it is stored) but has the task of reviving the emotions of that day, report how by magic, spouses and invited to those moments. The important thing is to know how to choose one photographer capable of “stopping time”.

“If I had to choose a photographer for my wedding I would do it by observing accurately images, letting myself be carried away by emotions, when the heart will be kidnapped will be the right time to say “yes I want him.” This is I think the recipe for choosing the photographer of their wedding.

The color must be faithful, respecting the complexion and the original atmosphere. I get these results thanks to my sensitivity, to mine knowledge and use of a highly professional monitor constantly and perfectly calibrated and profiled.

The black and white instead must have all the shades of light, contrasts and depth of a color image. I always say that a blank image and high-level black must after a few seconds that is observed deceiving the mind not to think that color is missing.



  • What is your main photographic style?
    Reportage, Artistico
  • What services do you offer?
    Foto, Video, Album, Mini Album, Fotografie in alta risoluzione
  • Do you work for more than one event on one day?
  • Until what time do you offer your services?
    Fino alla fine dell'evento
  • How long are your delivery times for the finished product?
    3/6 mesi
  • Do you work alone or in a team?
    Da solo per le foto, in team per il video
  • Do you have collaborators in case of unforeseen circumstances?
  • Do you deliver all of the original copies?
  • What does your wedding package include?
    Il servizio inizia dal backstage di entrambi gli sposi fino al taglio della torta e ai primi balli
  • What types of payment do you accept?
    Contanti, bonifico bancario. 30% alla conferma, il saldo il giorno dell’evento
  • Prices start at
    € 1.500



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