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International wedding planners - Emiliana Gualtieri


Amoretti Weddings was formed in 2008 to provide Wedding Planning Services in Italy and fine wedding stationery.

The company was the brainchild of thirty-something Italian, Emiliana Gualtieri. Despite launching at the peak of the financial crisis, Emiliana’s energy provided the opportunity and environment to marry her knowledge of design developed over 10 years in interior design with a focus on quality to produce a range of fine wedding stationery and beautifully designed weddings in the UK and abroad at a reasonable price.

One key element was identified from the start; to control the total processes whether it be a bespoke wedding planning project or a creating a beautiful stationery set.

Emiliana designs, prototypes and manufactures all the elements that make Amoretti’s client weddings unique.

Having her own workshop in the Central London premises has allowed Emiliana to be creative and experimental with different materials and to be highly responsive to new ideas and trends in colour and design. This unique ability allows Amoretti to tackle problems and develop innovative ideas quickly. “All our designers a fully hands on” says Emiliana Gualtieri. “When i have new trainee girls in our studios, i teach them to stitch, to wall paper a wall, to assemble stationery set, to do mood boards, to be a real designer. From Concept to Object this is Amoretti!”

Amoretti Weddings are not just event organizer, they are designers and creators of unique weddings in UK, Italy and France and fine wedding stationery.





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