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My homeland is Lithuania, but for my gut feeling and joie de vivre, I discovered the Italy and I was enchanted.

I met the Italian cities so intimately to lose myself in their streets; I’ve met people so beautiful that I can now call “friends.”

I speak my language, but their traditions alive.

Any city or region in Italy has left its imprint on me, its flavors, its colors, its soul, but I can say without hesitation that Lake Garda is the place that fascinates me most.

Every wedding that I plan is inspired by these strong emotions overwhelm me every time with equal intensity but in a different way, which is why each event is incredibly unique. Every married couple can express freely their personality and give your own style, romantic scenario setting of Italian beauty.

What to choose, so if anything is possible? If you choose Italy, you may have the Universe! What really matters though, because your wedding is an unforgettable success, to marry you in first class quality in the gastronomic menu, stunning scenery, historic sites unparalleled beauty … All selected and arranged with sophisticated elegance.

For me a simple wedding in two coming on the saddle of a Vespa or a large exclusive party reaching friends and relatives aboard a powerful Ferrari, are equally important in planning and meticulous attention to detail that embrace the style Italian.

My professional experience allows me to get the best deals and propose different locations: castles, private villas, palaces and old residences, vineyards and gardens, but are not limited to: participation in exhibitions, gastronomic tours and schedules on routes of travel …  And you’ll see that, as has happened to me, Italy will bring you luck!


  • Do you work exclusively with certain suppliers?
    No restrictions
  • What types of cerimony do you organise?
    Religious, Civil, Symbolic
  • DO you organise religious weddings of all denominations?
    Usually with russian clients
  • Which type of weddings do you specialise in?
    Religious, Civil, Symbolic. I am happy to provide you with a customised creative consultancy service, in line with your budget.
  • On average. How large are the weddings you organise?
    Between 2 and 50 guests
  • Do you work for more than one event on one day?
  • How soon before the event do I have to contact you?
    I recommend that you contact me at least 1/2 months before the wedding
  • Do you work alone or in a team?
    By myself, but I have employees in the areas where I work
  • Do you have collaborators in case of unforeseen circumstances?
  • Do you stay at the venue until the end of the event?


The Art of Being a Wedding Planner

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