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Brixia Fireworks was founded in 2000 as the first and only Brescia company of professionals specializing in the pyrotechnic sector: it designs and creates shows with pyrotechnic choreography even in terms of music, as well as special effects of any kind. It proposes the possibility to personalize every single event with incendiary writings that reproduce letters, hearts or entire words; offers the perfect accompaniment for any occasion with confetti and streamers as well as waterfalls of fire, mosaics with sparks and fountains.

Brixia Fireworks is the ideal partner to make your most beautiful day unforgettable!


  • What services do you offer?
    Classic or Traditional Pyrotechnic Shows, Baroque or Silent Shows, Water Shows, Pyromusical Shows, Special Effects (Incendiary Writings, Waterfalls and Walls of Sparks)
  • What does your wedding package include?
    The proposed packages are defined as turnkey as we take care of all organizational and bureaucratic aspects. Once the type and duration of the show have been defined, we take care directly of the design, of the transport according to the regulations in force, of the installation and of the shot; all with the employment of qualified and highly specialized personnel. The cost of the show includes all the appropriate authorization procedures (Municipality, Police Headquarters, Prefecture, etc.) as well as insurance coverage.
  • Do you work for more than one event on one day?
  • Do you work alone or in a team?
    We are in 6 professional pyrotechnic, all able to manage the different phases of the show in complete autonomy.
  • How long do you play for?
    It depends on the type of implementation required and on the budget made available for the event. You can go from the minimum of one minute for the written effect only and / or fountains on the cake cut at several minutes of show even if normally the couple choose durations that do not exceed 6-7 minutes
  • Until what time do you offer your services?
    Normally the permits expire at 24:00 but many municipalities limit the schedules differently. This imposed limit is categorical since it is a criminal offense as they are police authorizations and their non-compliance.
  • Do you have collaborators in case of unforeseen circumstances?
  • Do you have everything you need to guarantee your performance?
    Yes, we do not need special assistance or support equipment, except in exceptional cases. Only in case of pyromusical shows we need an electrical connection for the audio system.
  • How soon before the event do I have to contact you?
    Generally 30-60 days before the event depending on the period and location.
  • Does the display have to be cancelled in case of bad weather?
    In case of bad weather, the operators will do their best to make the show possible, without prejudice to the possibility of the customer canceling it before installing the equipment. It is also the operator's right to suspend or cancel the fireworks display in case of adverse conditions (such as strong gusts of wind, electric discharges, etc ...) that put at risk the safety of the public, the public and the surrounding environment. Please note that the pyrotechnic show can be installed even in bad weather conditions and following special coverings fired even in rainy conditions, provided these do not compromise the safety of those present. However, it remains understood that adverse weather conditions can however damage, albeit minimally, the artifices or jeopardize the optimal performance of the show.
  • In this case, will there be a reduction in the agreed price?
    In case of cancellation due to bad weather the day of the show we ask for up to 80% of the total value calculated in the final balance taking into account the costs incurred and any damaged material
  • What types of payment do you accept?
    A deposit on confirmation, the remainder on the day of the event
  • Prices start at
    € 500-600 for fountains and writings, € 900-1000 for classical shows, € 1500-1600 for piromusicali

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