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With “Marriage at the Theater” we mean a new and original format to celebrate weddings. Each couple in arriving at the decision to marry through a series of events and special situations, our job is to collect them, write a story and give life to a play that will end with the actual wedding. Our […]

Wedding entertainers, Wedding Entertainment, Desenzano del Garda

A cast of exceptional artists will bring on the stage of your wedding an engaging animation to give the spouses and their guests an unforgettable day. If for your wedding you want an exciting and unusual moment of entertainment, Cloe is exactly what you are looking for, to make it even more special and original. […]

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We are a show agency that offers a series of proposals including: Celebrities – Musicians – Tribute bands – Various artists and Performers, choreographic shows and much more. Our works we love making, and we always do them with the heart, always giving the best of ourselves to show everyone the seriousness of our agency. […]

Wedding entertainers, Wedding Entertainment, Desenzano del Garda

Sparkling and engaging animation by Melagodo staff events. Animation and entertainment professionals who will fully embrace the spirit of your big event and to unleash even the most timid. Services offered  Melagodo Events will make available various solutions to enliven your special moment and will entertain with you the perfect lineup. Performances, karaoke show, group […]