Wedding flowers: intervista with Carla Tobanelli

Wedding flowers: intervista with Carla Tobanelli
An expert of flowers talks to us about tips and trends for your wedding flowers

Floral arrangements are amongst the most important decorations for a wedding day. You must hire a professional to take care of them, and to be sure to have original, beautiful and coordinated arrangements.

We interviewed Carla Tobanelli, expert florist, to ask her about a few floral decoration ideals and to have her tell us all about the latest trends on the matter.

First of all, Carla: why do you think flowers play such an important role within wedding arrangements?

Flowers are a fundamental an irreplaceable part of a wedding planning, just think about how important a bride’s bouquet is. Flowers express feelings, emotions, and most of all the bride’s style and personalty: that’s why they play such a pivotal role in such a special day.

What criteria should you keep in mind, when you need to pick the most suitable type of flowers for your wedding?

Since flowers and floral arrangements are a way to express yourself, there aren’t really any right or wrong ways to choose them! The only fundamental point you should consider is the seasonality of the different types of flowers. In fact, it’s the florist’s job to suggest what types are the best choices for your, but most of all he’ll need to know how to offer a valid alternative if he can’t respond to any of the newlyweds’ specific requests.

Floral arches are some of the most majestic and wonderful decorations you can have at a wedding: why should a couple choose to make their wedding even more spectacular by having one all for them?

For obvious reasons, a religious ceremony already has important symbolisms and lots of emotion: it’s important to give that offer that same feeling during a civil ceremony, which is usually celebrated in more neutral places. A floral arch contributes to the emotion and atmosphere of the celebration, without having a specific symbolic meaning, and that’s why it can become one of the main focus points in a civil ceremony.

What are the latest trends in wedding floral decorations?

During these last few years, there has been an increasing interest for a natural and spontaneous style, while the more formal and intricate styles have temporarily been put aside. The visual effect of this new trend is very interesting, as is its meaning: the idea is to reproduce nature in a new environment, to frame the wedding in a romantic and natural atmosphere. This style is mostly requested by young couples, who prefer it to the more classic and ‘old’ styles.

Thank you Carla for the enjoyable chat!



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