A special effects wedding

A special effects wedding

Luminous installations, modern scenography, music and entertainment: these are just some of the fundamental ingredients for the success of an important event like a wedding. How do you organize everything? Just ask the right experts: for example, the Deejay Choice Eventi team


Luciano Paitoni is the owner of Deejay Choice Eventi, an event organization company that for almost thirty years has specialized in creating unique and spectacular atmospheres, perfect for important events – like weddings, of course! The team of professionals takes care of everything: from live music to set design, from lights to the overall management of the party. The perfect choice for those who want a special, original and above all fun wedding!

As a partner of Garda Special Wedding, we interviewed Luciano to let us tell more about how to create the perfect party!


Hi Luciano, do you first tell us a little about the story of “Deejay Choice”?

The activity was opened in 1990. Initially Deejay Choice was born as a DJ record store: the next step was to expand its range of action, getting to deal with the organization of events. The results, I must say, have led to many great satisfactions! Today, our team is able to deal with an event from A to Z. It is not about dealing exclusively with music, but also about all the other aspects that lead to the creation of an unforgettable party, from the sets to the lights, to the live entertainment.


The world of event organization is constantly evolving: can you explain to us how the activity has been transformed in recent years?

 Deejay Choice Events is a reality that has been constantly evolving since its birth in 2004. Today, our office not only continues to work as a music store, but has evolved into a real ‘Rent-Point’: we offer a rental of exclusive equipment, and several other services with installations …. Until you get to what is the true soul of Deejay Choice Events, or the organization of the event at 360 °. Our work path starts from the concept of the party, to then organize the preparation, the musical and artistic choices, the staff …. Everything up to the care of every detail, to ensure a spectacular party!


What are your greatest strengths?

Naturally, we start by listening to the customer’s needs, to create a ‘tailor-made’ project, tailored to his wishes and expectations. We create a personalized event based on your target and budget. We aim at enhancing the location of the event, and through lights and visual effects we create unforgettable scenarios, taking care of the synergies that are created between music and lights, with style and elegance. We provide the best professionals in the sector: from DJs, to musicians, to individual artists. We take care of every technical aspect of the event, and we are always in step with the times to propose innovative ideas and appealing solutions. Passion, professionalism and seriousness has always rewarded our work.


We thank Luciano for the chat!


Marta Boldi


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