Let’s talk about Wedding light design

Let’s talk about Wedding light design

You can bring out the best from any wedding venue, thanks to the special effects created by a professional light design!


Nowadays, any respectable event requires not just an appropriate venue, customized decorations, and an aesthetically pleasing and neat environment: it can’t go without its very own light design, too! In fact, this element is the very thing that adds that ‘extra touch’ to any event, by bringing out the very best from any venue and making it look spectacular. Wedding venues deserve this same exact treatment, too!

We interviewed Luciano Paitoni, owner of Deejay Choice Eventi, and expert light designer: here’s what he had to say about his profession!

Thanks to light design you can transform any venue in spectacular and unique ways. Let’s suppose that our available wedding venue is small, what ‘tricks’ can you use to use its space in the best possible way?

There isn’t a specific trick, if not professional experience and attention to detail. Today, thanks to the new led technologies, professional lighting has become a fundamental element that can decorate and customize any venue: we substitute the ‘old school’ model lighting (parking lights or theatre lights) with battery charged lights, and we position design lights on each table, it’s essential to do so to obtain the best spectacular effect possible.

What techniques can you use to bring out the full beauty of a location?

To enhance a venue’s beauty it’s important to listen to our client’s requests, first and foremost, as well as illuminating the fundamental elements which characterize the venue, such as arches and columns, we also color trees and green areas in general to add more depth to the location, and lastly we choose the correct color coordination to bring everything together.

Still considering a wedding scenario: what are the best effects to create a romantic and fairytale atmosphere?

Using design lights with a strictly warm light or with candles on each table, and illuminating the characteristic elements of the venue from the bottom upwards, is a pivotal step to obtain comfortable, intimate and romantic ambiences.

 Do you have any examples of a light design that was created for a wedding, and that you still remember particularly?

Without a doubt, last summer in Trentino, at the Ivano Castle in Valsugana… It’s not everyday that you get the chance to light up a 1000 year old castle! Danielle and Thomas, the bride and groom, contacted us and asked us to take care of their wedding’s scenery, starting from the light design and music, up to the party’s entertainment. It was amazing to be able to set up and arrange the old hayloft with semitransparent fabrics for the wedding dinner, transforming it into a welcoming and romantic space. Illuminating the structural elements with out led based lights allowed us to create an elegant atmosphere during the reception, which was then transformed into a more dynamic and ‘festive’ ambience during the dj set.

The main Tower’s external walls  were illuminated with fucsia lights, the garden’s trees and lowers were enhanced with a warm light, and the fireworks during the cutting of the cake allowed us to create a truly fairytale like environment.

Thank you, Luciano, for this interview!


Marta Boldi