An Italian-style Wedding Menu

An Italian-style Wedding Menu

A few culinary suggestions from Aldo Mazzolari, owner of the renowned Ristorante La Sosta, in Brescia

Let’s start from the bases: why do you think that traditional Italian cuisine has always been so loved, appreciated and requested for formal occasions – such as a weddings – from Italian and foreign couples alike?

Simply put, because the quality of Italian products is recognized all around the world! It comes from the traditions that have been carried on through the history of our Bel Paese, always accompanied by that sense of “home” and “conviviality” that characterizes us Italians so well. And let’s not forget the constant innovation, creativity and elegance of the “Made in Italy” products.

After all, the Mediterranean diet is one of the most famous ones in the world, and it was born right here.


Ideally, what would a Made in Italy wedding menu include?

Allow me to tie this answer to my first one. A “Made in Italy” menu is nothing less than the heart of two families that come together, and the place where this happens is right in the heart of the house: the kitchen!


What are some of La Sosta’s dishes that can be recommended for a wedding menu?

As a first course, we can recommend: Paccheri pasta with lobster, Risotti (I speak plurally because this is a dish that can be made in an infinity of different ways), Casoncelli with herbs, pumpkin Ravioli, and Malfatti with Bagoss cream.

As a main course, for meat dishes we offer: Capretto alla Bresciana, Angus beef, Beef with olive oil.
And for fish dishes: Mediterranean style Orata, Codfish Vicentina style, Brill fillet with potato crust.

These are just a few of our culinary suggestions, I could go on and on!


What suggestion would you give to couples who want to have an Italian menu, with a few particular additions, or some more refined dishes?

I would tell them to taste our dishes and see for themselves. Italian cuisine can be simple yet refined, in every detail and product.


Thank you Aldo Mazzolari, for this….very tasty interview!


Marta Boldi