A professional make up artist’s tips for the perfect bridal look

A professional make up artist’s tips for the perfect bridal look

Important beauty tricks taught by a true expert!


A bride’s make up artists is one of the main protagonists in any Wedding Planning team: the person who has the important job of assisting the bride in choosing (and most of all, creating) the perfect bridal look, to make sure she’ll be the ‘fairest of them all’! We interviewed Salvo Lopez, expert make up artists and partner of Garda special wedding, to ask him a few questions on the fabulous world of bridal make up…..


Let’s start from the bases: what are the three ‘golden rules’ that every bride should follow for her look?

Well, these are my three personal golden rules for a perfect look:
1: Take care of your skin! Having nice skin is essential for looking fabulous with make up. You can’t possibly think that you’ll have a perfect look on your wedding day if you don’t take care of your skin every single day!
2:  A bridal make up should be luminous, and capable of exalting the facial traits that make each bride unique and different from all the others. For example, let’s say that a bride has beautiful eyes, but that they are small: with a professional’s touch, we’ll be able to enhance them like they deserve! On the contrary, it’s important to hide the facial traits that the bride doesn’t particularly like, or that she wishes to hide.
3:  I think that it’s important to be yourself and not try to be perfect at all costs! I truly believe that a well-done bridal look should enhance a bride’s beauty naturally, so that she’ll certainly see herself changed ‘for the better’, but she’ll still ‘be herself’.

What type of criteria should a bride (and her make up artist!) take into consideration, to understand when they’ve finally come up with the final look that’s perfect for her?

I think that a professional make up artist should certainly consider the bride’s wishes and requests, but he should also offer other criteria such as suggestions or ideas to help her achieve the best possible look for her special day. That’s why I always suggest programming at least one make up trial before the big day… if you don’t that, how are you supposed to find the look that suits you best?! A bride should feel pampered and secure in the hands of a professional, and a professional should know perfectly well what colors, styles and techniques he should use. We should be like guardian angels for the bride, teaching her important beauty tricks and helping her look her best. A make up artist should also consider other details such as the bridal gown’s style and the bride’s bouquet, when he is creating the ideal look for her.

What are some of the latest trends in bridal make up?

Graphic styles are very much in vogue, nowadays. We’re going back to a 60s style, with its famous eyeliner, even if the majority of brides prefer a make up that’s very natural, but that also has very elaborate details. It seems absurd, but a natural look is much more complex than a colorful, ‘strong’ one!

Is there a particularly special bridal look you’d like to remember?

I remember that I once had to create a particularly creative look for a bride who loved green, in all its hues: she wanted to wear green lipstick, and every detail was coordinated to the color Tiffany, which was matched now only to her bridal gown, but also to her bouquet and of course her make up!


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