How to furnish and better manage the spaces of the wedding location

How to furnish and better manage the spaces of the wedding location

The word to the experts: the Integra Rent team, specialized in renting and renting facilities for weddings and catering


You are specialized in providing catering facilities and equipment: in the case of a wedding, what are the basic rules from which to choose how to set up your own location?

The basic rule is to rely on experienced and specialized operators in the sector, autonomously structured and independent. Advice, experience and assistance are essential from the primary evaluations. It is absolutely not enough to identify an operator just for what it looks like. In my opinion, it is essential to make an appointment to personally verify the characteristics of the company: its size, organization, storage capacity, type and quality of services and products offered.

We often find ourselves in front of beautiful catalogs, which enchant in form but do not replicate in substance. In fact, in addition to paying attention to the aesthetic aspect of the choice of combinations, it is appropriate to adjust your preferences to the technical / logistical features of the chosen location. For your protection and warranty, it is necessary to formalize any type of service or product offered in writing, analyzing precisely the characteristics of each agreement. Beware of verbal proposals not formally drafted, or unclear and evasive! Remember: marriage is a unique event, everything must be perfectly planned and concretely organized. You can not move the wedding the next day because your supplier has forgotten to reserve the chairs for you, or you have set a date different from yours!


In the event that you have available a small space for the location where the wedding takes place, what are three ‘tricks’ to make the most of it?

First, identify the size and the most versatile form of static equipment (tables, chairs, etc.). Therefore, evaluate the possible expansion of the spaces by setting up temporary structures (such as gazebos, umbrellas, etc.). Finally, choose the appropriate furniture based on the best type of reception can be organized depending on the mood of the event and the amount of guests you will welcome.


What are some mistakes to avoid in setting up a wedding reception?

First of all, I would say to plan the event not considering the weather characteristics: it is essential to establish immediately a plan B that allows us to deal with any unexpected events related to the weather conditions of the day. Secondly, I would advise you to avoid choosing a supplier by evaluating it only for its price convenience: claim and seek commercial information and references, beware of unknown operators, newcomers and improvised. We must also take care not to evaluate them in an incomplete way: characteristics such as punctuality, reliability and respect for organizational timing are a decisive plus.


What can not be renounced by setting up your own room?

From a technical point of view, I would say that we can not renounce to the correct setting of the stands, which must take into account not only the aesthetic aspect, but also the operational one for the catering staff and the management related to the comfortable mobility of the guests. On the other hand, from a more emotional point of view, I would say that for such a special day you can not give up a fabulous setting that fully reflects your expectations, personalizing it to make your wedding reception unique and inimitable.


Thanks for the interesting technical explanations and for the interview!


Marta Boldi