Bridal gowns: Galvan Sposa’s 2018 collection

Bridal gowns: Galvan Sposa’s 2018 collection

Interviewing a bridal fashion expert!



Today we interview Stefania, owner of the brand Galvan sposa. The brand has been active for 30 years in this business, creating wonderful bridal gowns for fairytale weddings. The brand is entirely Made in Italy: every single passage (from creating, to designing, to sewing) that follows the creating of each gown takes place in the company’s main headquarters, on lake Garda. We chatted with Stefania to ask her a few curiosities regarding the latest trends in bridal fashion, and a few tips to choose the perfect dress…


What adjectives would you use to describe Galvan Sposa’s new 2018 collection?

Elegant, feminine, precious and high fashion! One of the fundamental characteristics for any bridal gown is that it must exalt the woman’s femininity. Our gowns are the result of an entirely Made in Italy production, which is an important choice. The dresses created in Italian tailor shops are precious creations, that are attended to in every single detail. After all, fashion was born in Italy!

What creative process do you follow to invent a new collection?

Our work certainly starts following the major trends dictated in high fashion. We begin with a general research, and then take inspiration from the trends that are most followed by the most famous and important bridal fashion brands. For example, you may notice how lately a lot of brands offer very ‘naked’ models, that show a lot of skin and make the bride look very sexy. We tried to adjust our styles to this trend by proposing gowns that are perhaps more sensual and seductive, but that still hold high standards of classic elegance. We try to make each creation more precious by ‘mixing’ the best ingredients available: the best fabrics, carefully chosen details, and such. You must remember that a bridal gown is certainly a designer gown, but it’s not a simple evening dress! It must be unique and one of a kind.


What are some of the ‘golden rules’ you think every future bride should follow when she’s choosing her gown?

I personally think that future brides should learn to trust their instincts regarding what types of dresses fit them best, more than trusting their desire to ‘force’ certain models to look good on them! What I mean by that is that you should certainly enter a bridal atelier having a general idea of the type of gown you’re looking for…but, then, you should also be ready to make a choice based on objective criteria. So, if you fixate yourself with a certain gown style, but your physique is not fit for that type of model…. It would be better to change idea and pick a different model that exalts your beauty as much as possible! I think what’s important is how you wear the dress, how you make it your own, how it actually fits you.
Following this principle, in fact, we created a collection specially made for curvy brides: it’s called Le dolci curve (The sweet curves) and it has a slogan, “It’s not the size you wear, but how you wear your size!” You could say that this sentence captures the main principle I think everyone should follow when choosing their wedding dress.
We take particular pride in our customer service: in our atelier, every gown is custom fit for every bride. An artistic masterpiece, that fits like a glove! The idea is to hide any physical attributes you don’t like, and exalt your most valuable traits, bringing the necessary changes when the bride requires them, to make the gown as personalized as possible.


Is it true that, when a bride finally finds ‘her’ dress, she can ‘feel it’?

Absolutely: I can testify that it’s true! You must absolutely ‘feel’ you wedding dress as your own. And when you find the right one….you know immediately. If I may, I have a small critique: nowadays, brides have….too much audience! Once, in the past, everyone waited to see the bride arrive in Church because everyone was curios to see what her dress would look like, because no one had see it yet…. But today, future brides are escorted by way too many people, even at the first fitting! It becomes much more complicated for her to choose, she gets too many opinions. Besides, with all the photos you can send ‘live’ through smartphones to friends and family, the gown becomes so public that the magic of a last-second surprise is lost….and it’s a shame. In fact, to preserve that magic….we forbid the use of cell phones in our dressing rooms!

Thank you Stefania for telling us about the wonderful world behind Atelier Galvan sposa!


Marta Boldi