Wine Wedding

Wine Wedding

A new wedding trend to discover


Having a ‘Wine Wedding’ is one of the newest trends followed by couples who are looking for an original wedding theme! Simply put, it consists in planning a wedding that revolves around wine. After all, especially in an area such as that of lake Garda, it doesn’t surprise to discover that this trend is becoming more and more popular. After all the Garda territory produces some of the most renowned and appreciated wine brands in Italy, loved by Italians and foreigners alike.

A Wine Wedding could therefore be an original and interesting idea for a made-in-Garda wedding reception. But what does it entail, specifically? To start off, the ceremony usually takes place in a vineyard. Clearly, you can’t celebrate a religious wedding like this, but you can plan a symbolic ceremony that is perhaps paired with a significant ritual. Considering the day’s theme, you could rightfully opt for the Wine ritual: the newlyweds bottle two bottles of good red wine and they seal them carefully inside a special box, that can then be re-opened only after a certain number of years. The value of this gesture metaphorically represents the tie between wine and love: in some aspects, the ‘fermentation’ of love is extremely similar to that of wine. It takes patience and a lot of care to make sure that the love in your wedding life keeps growing over the years, not only maintaining all of its special taste, but getting better year after year!

The wine theme is also represented in other parts of the wedding day: for example, usually the wedding menu consists in dishes that are cooked with wine, such as risotto with barolo. If you want, you can also plan a special wine tasting, with all the best wines of the area, including those coming from the vineyard where you got married. Last but not least, the party favors can also mirror the day’s theme: in fact, the newlyweds can have customized wine bottles made, with labels that have their names or the wedding date, as a unique gift for their friends and family.

This way, everyone who takes part in this special celebration – thanks to the wine ritual (for the newlyweds) or thanks to the party favors (for the guests) – can remember this amazing day sometime in the future, with a nice toast and a lovely glass of wine to celebrate!

A particular and unconventional wedding theme, that will surely be appreciated by your guests and remembered for its originality. Try it!


Marta Boldi