A gift for the future husband

A gift for the future husband

A few tips on finding a nice present for your partner, before the big day!


Amongst the various wedding traditions that are usually followed by most couples, we shouldn’t forget about one in particular, that the future bride should take care of: a wedding gift for her future husband! Traditionally, the gift should be given to him a few days before the wedding: a nice gesture to prepare for the big day, no doubt!

Naturally, as for any gift, the choice largely depends on the person’s personal tasted and preferences: and who better than his loved one can know what these are? For example, to be certain that her present will be appreciated, the future bride could start off by considering her partner’s hobbies and interests: if he loves traveling, she could plan a couple’s trip in some new location to discover together; if he loves fitness she could give him a gym membership; if he loves his motorcycle or his car she could think about a customized helmet or some particular accessory; if he’s a big supported of some sports team he’ll certainly appreciate a ticket subscription to follow his team’s games in person… There really are lots of ideas, it only takes a little bit of planning to find the gift that can surprise him and really make him happy!

Do you prefer a more simple, DIY idea? You could put together a book of memories that tell your love story, or make a video with your best moments and photos, perhaps together with your song. Very special, very sweet gifts, that the future groom will surely love!

Besides, as for all important gifts, there are also some classic, traditional choices you can pick from, too: and everyone knows, you can never go wrong with a classic! A few examples? One of the most common traditions in Italy is to buy the future husband a “good watch”: meaning an expensive model, that can be customized with an engraving that can either bear the couple’s names or initials, the wedding date, or a special sentence. In the future, it should be handed down to the couple’s first born. Another classic idea could be a pair of cufflinks: the future bride can opt for an elegant model, that can be worn by the groom during their wedding day!

Traditions vary depending on where the wedding will take place, and they don’t always involve just the bride: for example, in England it’s tradition for the best man to buy the groom a customized flask, as well as one for the most important men of the wedding, such as the fathers and brothers. Instead, in Ireland, the bride gives her husband a horse shoe, as a good luck token to start off their life together on the right foot.

Whatever you decide on buying for your future husband, it’s important to remember about this tradition. After all, most of the wedding preparations revolve around the future bride: it would be unfair to ‘forget’ about the other protagonist, even if just with a simple gift like this, right?


Marta Boldi