“Natural” symbolic rituals

“Natural” symbolic rituals

Let’s discover the Rite of the Rose and the Tree planting ceremony


In the vast choice of symbolic rituals that can be included in one’s wedding ceremony, there are two particularly interesting ones for nature-loving couples: we are talking about the Rite of the Rose and the Tree planting ceremony. What are they? In reality, these are two rather simple, even almost banal, at first sight rituals. And yet, as with all symbolic rites, they too are full of meaning.

In the case of the Rose Rite, each of the two spouses must hold a red rose during the ceremony. Immediately after the exchange of the rings, then, the two will also have to exchange their respective flowers. All here, will you say? Well yes! The gesture, although extremely simple and fast, actually symbolizes a concept profoundly linked to marriage: that is, that on the surface everything has remained the same, yet everything is different. The wedding is a new beginning, and although from the outside the couple will not be changed after the marriage, in reality a completely new chapter of life will begin, started from the moment when the two spouses have pronounced their “Yes, I want it”. With this ritual, moreover, for the couple the red rose will remain a symbol of their love, as well as of the promises that were exchanged during the marriage. Give each other a rose in moments of crisis, for example, may be a way to remind both of them of the love that binds them even in times of difficulty.

This ritual is undoubtedly an ideal choice for couples who want to add an extra personal touch to the ceremony, without having to organize large theatrical gestures. Sometimes, beauty hides in simplicity!

In some aspects, the Tree planting ceremony is very similar to the Rite of the Rose. In this case, during the ceremony the couple will have to plant a small tree together, with the promise of making it grow and lovingly caring for it. Also in this case, it is not difficult to see the symbolism of this gesture: making a marriage “grow” is an enterprise that requires time, patience, sacrifice and lots of love. The same qualities that serve to grow a plant in a healthy and lush way! The couple can then keep their tree in a place of honor at home, and in turn they will have to remember to take care of it and treat it. It will also remain as a beautiful memory of your wedding!

You know, nature must always be respected: what better way to honor it, in this case, if not by including it in your wedding ceremony with these rituals?

Two simple ideas to make, but rich in meaning and beautiful to look at: a practically perfect mix!


Marta Boldi