A social media-friendly wedding? No thank you!

A social media-friendly wedding? No thank you!

How to protect your privacy in the world of social networks during your wedding day


Social networks have become a part of our everyday lives, for all of us – more or less. In fact, even if they’re a minority, there are still people who are ‘against’ the idea of sharing almost obsessively every moment of their day with their followers, preferring to enjoy their best moments in real life rather than online.

This aversion also extends to special occasions: such as weddings, for example! Normally, guests almost compete in posting the first shots of the big day. From the bride’s dress, to the Church, to the wedding venue, to the smaller details such as the party favors, the tableau, the table arrangements or the floral decorations: every shot is the perfect opportunity to create a custom made post to celebrate the newlyweds and gather as many ‘likes’ as possible. But what if the bride and groom don’t agree with this trend? No problem!

If you’re a part of this small ‘anti-social network’ group, it’s your right to find ways to protect your privacy in such a special day! There’s nothing wrong in being against having a ‘social-network friendly’ wedding : who says you absolutely have to share your big day online? There can be lots of reasons why a couple could decide to maintain a ‘social network silence’ during their wedding day: perhaps they don’t want to offend someone who wasn’t invited, or they don’t want to share the private moments of such a particular day, or neither the bride or groom are signed up to any social network and they don’t want to appear in other people’s photos. Whatever the reason may be, it’ll be perfectly valid: so, forget about feeling guilty or being afraid that your guests will find you boring, annoying or too ‘old school’. It’s your wedding, and your rules!

First of all, a good way to start announcing your request of not using social media during your wedding day to your guests can be to write it explicitly on your wedding invitations. Clearly state that you ask your guests to not post any photos or videos of your big day on their social media accounts. Starting from the fact that, this way, nobody should question your motives or object to your decision, if anybody should ask you the reason behind this choice, just go ahead and explain your motives without fear of being judged.

If you think that someone might still try to secretly steal a few photos during the day, to post them without your consent, you can set up some signs at the Church entrance or at the venue’s entrance to ask your loved ones once again to please abstain from posting anything online. Do you want to take an even firmer stance? Then ask your wedding planner and the venue’s staff for help: ask them to check your guests’ movements, and to interrupt anyone who tries to take photos, reminding them of your request to respect your privacy. (Desperate times call for desperate measures….)

Besides, remember that this ‘social network ban’ also applies to your wedding service providers: in fact, it’s common use for them to also use social media to publicize the weddings they take part in, perhaps by posting a photo of the wedding banquet, or of the decorated venue, or of the day’s entertainment. The same rules apply to them, in this case: just like you’ll inform your guests about this particular request, you’ll also need to inform each supplier before the big day, meaning during the wedding planning process to which each of them will take part in.

Organizing a ‘no social network’ wedding might seem like an unusual, strange or even ‘exaggerated’ decision for lots of people. But who cares! Remind anyone who might complain that they’ll certainly survive a few hours without their social media profiles…. After all, a wedding day should first and foremost be enjoyed in person, all together!

Surely, at the end of the day even your most ‘social network addicted’ guests will be happy to have left this distraction behind for the day, and they’ll appreciate having ‘shared’ these precious moments with you, instead of with their followers!


Marta Boldi