A bride in sneakers

A bride in sneakers

A glamour and ‘rebel’ choice for your bridal look!


Are you looking for a way to put together a bridal look that’s really eccentric and particular? Perhaps this trend could be the perfect inspiration for you: bridal sneakers! A glamorous, carefree and young touch: an idea that might not sit well with many brides, and yet a choice that is becoming more and more popular and that is very appreciated especially by the younger brides.

After all, bridal sneakers combine originality with comfort and uniqueness: a practically perfect mix! Why not take advantage of that, then?

In the bridal shoes department, each year there are more and more brands that offer different models for this type of shoe. This way, you alter the more classic bridal shoe models – the traditional heels, court shoes and sandals – with new creations that offer more modern and bold alternatives, ideal for brides who want to distinguish themselves from the rest.

So, it’s easy to find different types of bridal sneakers created by the most famous shoe brands: from the world known Converse and Superga models, to other custom made models created by independent brands. The idea here it to re-interpret an everyday accessory – tennis shoes – transforming it with an unexpected touch of class, elegance, and style.

Sneakers pair well with different types of gowns: for example, lace sneakers combine perfectly with short dresses, for a 70s inspired look, or for a boho-chic style. Other brands offer even more elaborate sneakers: from those entirely covered in precious crystals that shine like diamonds, to sneakers that are embellished with colorful jewels that add an extra creative touch to their white base. The luxury Maisons offer very refined models, such as sneakers and slip ons made in white leather and decorated with bejeweled breeches, or minimal chic models colored with pastel hues.

So it really looks like bridal brands have happily married (a perfect choice of words!) this new trend, with enthusiasm and creativity. This nice innovation will satisfy those brides who prefer an original look that’s less directed towards the more traditional criteria.

After all, it’s a known fact that a woman’s shoes say a lot about her personality: why should it be any different, for a bride? Future brides that don’t particularly enjoy wearing high heels – especially in view of a very long (and tiering!) day such as their wedding day – will therefore have a chic and trendy alternative available, to put together a look that represents them fully.

Are you still unsure about this fashion trend? Just look up a few of these gorgeous sneaker models online, and see for yourself how beautiful, useful and fashionable they are. See to believe!


Marta Boldi