Ideas for a ‘green’ wedding

Ideas for a ‘green’ wedding

How to organize a sustainable wedding


The environment should always be respected, in every occasion: wedding day included! In fact, by paying attention to few details, you can organize a ‘green wedding’, meaning a wedding with a low impact on the environment.

Take note from these suggestions, to make your wedding day more eco-friendly!

Choose a venue close to the Church – One of the first things you can do is pick a location that’s close to the Church where you’ll get married. The ideal thing would be to find a venue you can reach by foot: in fact, that would greatly reduce the Co2 emissions produced by the caravan of cars that would otherwise need to move from one place to the other. If there’s just no way to organize everything at walking distance, you could consider hiring a few buses to group your guests together and use exclusively as transportation, instead of a bunch of cars!

No paper! – You could also renounce to the classic printed wedding invitations: to respect the environment and avoid wasting paper, you could substitute them with digital invitations, or with a website or social network page made specifically for your wedding, through which you can give your guests directions, and all the necessary information for the big day. A tidier, more modern modern and definitely eco-friendly solution!

Eco-friendly bridal gown – For your wedding gown, it’s a good idea to pick one from a collection that creates their dresses with natural and sustainable materials: a further gesture of respect towards nature! There are lots of different kinds, offered by different bridal collections. All it takes is a little research, to find the best and more ecological solution!

Wedding party favors – Your party favors could be useful, besides being pretty: for example, you could pick some local products, delicious and traditional. Or, you could give your guests small plants to take care of. Or, if you prefer, you could consider a charity gift, picking your favorite organization and donating the money for your wedding party favors to them. Practical and efficient ideas, that your guests will surely appreciate!

Flowers – For a green wedding, it would be best to entirely avoid severing real flowers, as that would definitely not be a sustainable choice! Rather, if you want an extra touch of green, you could set up plants in vases, and decorate those with colorful decorations. What about the bouquet? You could think of an alternative solution, one created with paper flowers, butterflies, or lots of other DIY ideas you can find online.

These are just a few of the “green” ideas you can consider to set up an eco friendly wedding: but, you should also remember that there’s lots of other things you could add to this list. Just search for the best initiatives that are suitable for your wedding. This way, you’ll have an original, and most of all, nature-friendly wedding: after all, a ‘green’ wedding is also a prettier wedding, right?


Marta Boldi