What to give for the first Wedding Anniversary

What to give for the first Wedding Anniversary

How to find the perfect gift for this special occasion


The first wedding anniversary is a very important stage. And like all special dates, it must be celebrated as it deserves: after all, it’s an opportunity to remember a day that changed your life forever! It is the ideal time to celebrate your love, to remember your best day, and to remember the importance and value of your bond.

In addition to organizing well-deserved celebrations – for having surpassed this excellent first year as a husband and wife! – it is also good to think of a nice gift to give to your sweetheart. Are you looking for the right inspiration for a special gift designed especially for him? Here are some ideas to draw inspiration from!

A surprise trip – Undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful gifts you can make: organize a surprise trip, a love escape for you all in a special place. It doesn’t matter if the destination is a nearby city or a foreign city, the important thing is to organize a perfect romantic weekend away from everything and everyone, to enjoy time together and pamper each other. Before booking, make sure your partner does not have commitments for the chosen dates! Do you want to surprise him even more? Bandage your eyes during the journey, to guarantee the maximum surprise effect!

A special dinner – Usually, the bride and groom are so busy during the wedding that they cannot enjoy the banquet. The first anniversary can be the perfect occasion to remedy: to surprise your partner, organize a dinner in a special place, maybe in the same place where you got married, to repeat the experience a year later. It will be much more than a simple dinner, because surely this evening will give you many memories and emotions to be savored as well as the delicious menu that awaits you! Do you prefer to celebrate in company? Organize a surprise party, to share your anniversary with your loved ones: whether at home or away, remember that the important thing is to keep the secret until the last! It will be great to get together and recall the most beautiful scenes of your wedding!

A creative gift – Are you a creative person? Then you can take advantage of the anniversary to put together a truly unique gift: a creation made by you, to celebrate your love with art! There can be a painting, a collage, a scrapbook, a song, a love letter, there is no limit to creativity!

An album of the honeymoon – The wedding has a photo album of its own: why should it be different for the honeymoon? After all, this is an equally important event: the first step as a husband and wife, a journey that will certainly have given you memorable memories and fantastic experiences, as well as well-deserved relaxation after all the hours spent planning the wedding of your dreams ! Creating an album for this special trip can be a fantastic idea as an anniversary gift, and a way to relive those moments by losing yourself among the most beautiful and meaningful shots.

Renewing the vows of love – A year ago you exchanged your vows of love at the altar: there is no better occasion than the first wedding anniversary to remember them! You can do it in different ways, also involving your sweetheart: repeat them verbally, mark them in post-it around the house, write them in a special note, paint them, in short … be creative and remember your words of love more Special!

And have you already chosen your gift?


Marta Boldi