Tips for a Vintage Wedding

Tips for a Vintage Wedding

Some suggestions for a wedding of another era!

One of the most popular wedding themes is the vintage themed wedding. This choice can be ideal especially for couples who want to organize an original wedding that does not have a too traditional and set atmosphere.

With a vintage wedding you will be able to revive the wonderful 50s to your guests: there is no shortage of ideas and ideas that symbolize this iconic historical period! Let’s see some suggestions, to plan the perfect vintage wedding and transport your guests to an atmosphere of another era.

The dress – First of all, you will have to choose a wedding dress in perfect Fifties style! This style usually concerns short dresses, which stand out the feminine curves and highlight the waist thanks to belt and knee-length fluffy skirts. If you wish, you can also opt for a short sheath dress, perhaps decorated with an elegant string of pearls for an extra touch of class.

The look – You won’t just have to follow the rules for a 50s look: even your guests will have to follow some style rules, to be on the subject! Let’s start with makeup: the look includes a generous line of black eyeliner, false eyelashes to enlarge the eyes, and fiery red lipstick. Hair, on the other hand, can be styled with a defined chignon, a fluffy crop fixed with lots of lacquer, or a soft hairstyle styled with elegant waves.

The car – We must also pay attention to other important details of the ceremony, such as the choice of car: obviously, in this case the ideal is to opt for a vintage car – or, for the more daring brides, even a motorcycle period! Choosing the right vehicle is fundamental to follow the common thread of the ceremony and to stay in line with the theme of the day.

Entertainment and set-up – The 50s theme must also be reflected in the general preparation of the party: just do a little research to discover the styles that come closest to the time and follow them with regard to the mise en place, the reception room furnishings, placeholders, floral decorations, tableau and more. Even entertainment wants its part: there is nothing better than an expert band of the genre, which recalls the ’50s with iconic pieces ranging from rock-n-roll dances to romantic ballads for moments sweeter than the evening.

Invitations – A fundamental detail: remember to report the theme of marriage in wedding invitations! Kindly ask your guests to come prepared, dressing accordingly and following the theme as much as possible: in this way, the whole atmosphere of the wedding will seem like a still image taken directly to the 50s … wow effect assured!

By putting all these pieces together, and paying attention to details, you will be able to evoke this wonderful historical era, you will amaze your guests, and you will guarantee a truly fantastic wedding. Have fun!


Marta Boldi