How to organize a mini wedding

How to organize a mini wedding

Ideas and suggestions on how to plan a charmingly small wedding

Mini weddings are becoming more and more popular amongst engaged couples: a trend that allows people to truly re-discover the importance and significance of celebrating such an intimate and special day, which should only be shared with the most important people in your life. Traditionally, the wedding guest list includes a lot of people who don’t really play an important part in the couple’s lives, but who are still invited out of politeness.

So how should you handle this situation, if you dream of having a mini wedding surrounded only by the sincere love of those who are truly irreplaceable in your lives? Start by checking off all those names of people whom you haven’t heard from for a long time, distant relatives, +1 guests, friends with whom you don’t have anything in common anymore…. Once you start off like this, your list will shorten greatly and you’ll find yourself with just a bunch of guests: an excellent start to put together a truly special and emotional wedding, ridding yourself of all ‘social obligations’ and hypocrisy.

A lot of aspects of the wedding planning are bound to change. For example, choosing the wedding venue will be very different: it’s pretty useless to consider renting an entire venue only for a restricted number of guests, because the costs this would imply would be the same as for a normal wedding. So, it’s more convenient to try and find a valid alternative, such as a nice restaurant, or a similar location, places that can offer you separate tables – or better yet, a private room – where you can organize your petite wedding banquet.

Speaking of which, choosing the wedding menu will also be different: considering the fact that planning an entire buffet just for a few people would be a waste, it’s better to order a la carte or ask your chosen venue to offer you a customized wedding menu where you can include classic, traditional dishes that your guests will surely enjoy.

Lots of the classic wedding traditions are bound to change, too, since it won’t make much sense if you follow them for a mini wedding.  Just imagine any typical wedding activity – such as the throw of the bouquet, or the wedding procession – made only by ten people (or less): clearly, it would lose its meaning! So what’s the solution, in this case? As always, the key is finding the right alternatives! For example, instead of planning the usual bouquet throw you could give the special trophy to your unmarried guests: if only one is present, you can give her the whole bouquet, if there are more you can make lots of mini bouquets that you can pair with a nice little card. This surprise will surely be very appreciated! This is the type of changes you should think of while you plan these traditional wedding activities.

There is also a very positive note regarding the wedding budget: since you have only a few guests to take care of, you can be much more creative with your wedding expenses! For example, you could perhaps afford more precious and particular party favors for your guests, of you could choose a more refined wedding menu, or you could afford a few extras for your party, or plan a richer reception, or plan a surprise for your guests such as a private cruise on lake Garda.


Marta Boldi