Hen party: a guide for the bride’s friends

Hen party: a guide for the bride’s friends
How to organize the perfect party!


A hen party is the perfect occasion for the future bride to gather her closest friends and the women of her family, to celebrate the start of her new life as a wife! Normally, the organization of this event is taken care of by her Wedding witnesses, or in general by all the women who will then participate to the party.

Traditionally, the idea is to try to organize a surprise party for the future bride, putting together a fun, original and unforgettable celebration all for her. But, as always with surprise parties, there’s always a small risk factor: how can you be certain to not let her expectations down?

Start by considering that your beloved party girl will certainly appreciate any type of surprise you’ll organize for her: of course, she’ll be super happy seeing with how much care and affection you put this celebration together. In any case, if you want to be sure to organize a perfect hen party, there are a few simple guidelines you can follow to make sure you obtain the best possible results, and to create a truly fantastic party!

Brainstorming – First of all, you should gather all together and start listing the ideas that seem like a good option for this party, and talk about all the possible options you could take into consideration. The first criteria to keep in mind? Simple: the party girl’s personal tastes! Think about party ideas that you’re sure she would love, that reflect her concept of fun, that she mentioned sometime in the past, think about wishes she’s made, experiences she said she wants to try…. All of this information will be very important and an excellent starting point to begin heading in the right direction!

Surprises: yes and no – Of course, the ‘surprise factor’ is one of the funniest parts of hen parties. You can really get creative and find all sorts of ways to insert ‘surprise twists’ to unravel throughout the evening. Beware, though: this doesn’t mean green lighting each and every idea that comes to mind! While it’s certainly very fun to find different ways to surprise, shock and perhaps even ‘embarrass’ the future bride a little bit… You should still keep a rational mind and seriously think about which surprises she might actually enjoy, or at least face with the right mindset, and which ones are better left aside. It’s one think to organize a well-planned prank for the fun of it, it’s a whole different thing to ruin the evening because of the excessive embarrassment created by a ‘less enjoyable’ surprise!

Take care of the details – It’s a well known fact that details make all the difference in the world! Putting togethers lots of little gimmicks and ideas with care and attention, you’ll end up with a fabulous party, filled with positivity, fun and uniqueness! And, as always, teamwork makes the dream work: split the different tasks amongst yourselves to make everything easier for everyone! One person can look for the perfect venue, another one can manage the budget, another one can take care of all the ‘decorations’ (costumes, car accessories, fun accessories such as beauty crests, cockades, crowns and the likes), someone else can think about the food, another one can take care of the surprises, another one can plan the logistics…. Make a list of everything you need to organize and start from there!

Your beloved future bride will certainly be speechless in front of your surprise party: her smile and happiness will repay you for all the commitment you put into planning this wonderful celebration that will surely remain forever in your fondest friendship memories!


Marta Boldi