5 decoration ideas for the Wedding Car!

5 decoration ideas for the Wedding Car!

A few original and fun ideas to decorate the newlywed’s automobile


The newlyweds’ car will be one of the protagonists of the big day: after all, it holds the responsibility of transporting the couple from one place to the next, so it’s only fair that it should be appropriately decorated for its job!  It doesn’t matter if it’s the couple’s own car, or a car that was rented for the occasion – vintage or modern – what’s important is that you don’t forget about decorating it for this special day!

Here are a few ideas that are easy to make and fun to see, to inspire you for this particular decoration:

Flowers – This one’s a classic: after all, flowers are basically omnipresent in every wedding, and it’s no exception for the car decorations! You can make a few pretty sphere-shaped bouquets, to hang on the outer car mirrors, or else an elaborate arrangement to embellish the inside of the car, or even a floral cushion to attach to the car’s hood. You should pick flowers that have different colors from the car, to exalt their beauty in the best possible way!

Customezed Signs – If you want to make your car more original, you can make customized signs to decorate it with. Usually, they are painted with a typical wedding sentence – such as “Just Married”, or the couple’s names, or the wedding date, or a romantic quote – and they are then hung inside or around the car. A classic and effective accessory!

Tin Cans – If you want to follow tradition, you should tie a bunch of tin cans to the back of the car: a loud, noisy and fun idea, to make sure your passage doesn’t go unnoticed. Originally, this tradition was followed to keep evil spirits away from the newlyweds’ car, and to this day this is one of the most commonly used ideas at weddings. To give your car an extra touch of color, you can hand-paint the cans, choosing a different color for each one or adding a few romantic quotes on them, or even using different colored string to tie them to the car.

Themed Decorations – If your wedding has a specific theme, you can create customized accessories for your car, too! For example, if your wedding’s theme is a color, you can decorate your car with that specific color…. If you have an eco-friendly wedding, you can create ‘natural’ decorations with ecological components… If your wedding’s theme is country-chic, you can choose to put together decorations made with ears of wheat or wild flowers… If your wedding follows a certain historical theme, you’ll need decorations that fit in with that time period…And so on! Since you already have a theme to begin with, it shouldn’t be difficult to come up with the right ideas!

Ribbons and Veils – A classic choice, especially for the more traditional weddings, is to decorate the car with ribbons and veils, as a clear mirrored image of the bride’s gown! Surely, this decoration can have a big visual and aesthetic impact: you can use generous amounts of tulle, little bows, and veils to transform a simple car into a princess’s carriage; or you can simply add a few details here and there to embellish the car without exaggerating. It depends only on your own taste!

Like many custom-made decorations, these ideas can be simple yet very effective, and in no time your car will be ready to be shown off during your big day, to surprise your friends and family. Have fun making it the perfect wedding carriage for your special day!


Marta Boldi