Wedding cocktails

Wedding cocktails

The most requested wedding drinks


A wedding isn’t complete without an adequate number of toasts: that’s why you need the right drinks! Even though each wedding catering is customized and offers different dishes, tastings, and of course different types of drinks, there are a few ‘classic’ choices for wedding cocktails that are particularly enjoyed by newlyweds and guests alike. A few examples?

Bubbles! – You surely can’t do without some bubbles, to celebrate such an important event! Prosecco and champagne are two musts for any respectable wedding. Usually, prosecco is served during happy hour or during the wedding banquet, while champagne is reserved for the wedding cake moment. After all, what better choice to toast with class and elegance to an unforgettable day?

Traditional cocktails – For couples who decide to offer an open bar service to their guests during their wedding party, usually as a first choice the catering offers the more traditional and classic cocktails, that are also normally the most appreciated: mojito, gin tonic, Bellini and Mimosa are some of the most sought after choices!
Let’s not forget about another classic: the Spritz, which is called “Pirlo” in the area of lake Garda, a much appreciated cocktail that surely must be included on your list!

Signature cocktails – Of course, there’s also a whole series of less traditional and more ‘modern’ cocktails to choose from, too: these drinks are created by bartenders that are experts in mixology – which teaches how to mix alcoholic drinks – and that can therefore create a new and interesting drink menu just for you. Specifically, usually in the case of a wedding these drinks are then named after the bride and groom, or else they mirror one of the wedding’s themes, or they are customized with a certain color, taste or drink that are particularly appreciated by the bride and groom.

By hiring a professional bar service – such as E20bar’s team – your wedding cocktails will be in expert hands, and will surely satisfy your tastes, as well as all your guests’!


Marta Boldi