Organize a wedding

Organize a wedding


Today the organization of my marriage begins and I am excited!

There are so many things to do, so to make no mistake I decided to write a list of suppliers that I will have to contact who will become my Linus cover, to be kept strictly in my purse, since I’ll have to marry 50 times


– Location

– Reception

– Flowers

– Music – animation

– Photo & Video

– Means of transport

– Favors

– Investments and confetti

– Dress

– Shoes and accessories

– Make up artist

– Hairdresser

– Faiths

– Manicure


Wow effect, wow, wow e super wow!

Every marriage must have a common thread that goes

OK, I can do it! I hope I haven’t forgotten anything … Damn! THE BUDGET!

Establishing and keeping your budget under control is the key thing because it’s a moment to get carried away, it’s my most important day!

Budget, go first!

For those who do not want to organize the wedding alone because of too many commitments in life, logistics or simply because they are not brought (believe me it is a real job!) There is the possibility to ask for personalized all-inclusive wedding packages, which are not not bad, they offer a vast choice of locations and suppliers and the prices are all unbundled! For example: location price € 2,000, photographer price € 900 etc … so you can choose the supplier you like or not choose it and from the total cost of the package you subtract the price! For those who wish, a wedding planner will follow you until the big day!

Great, isn’t?


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