The Italian Wedding

The Italian Wedding


I want to give my guests a unique experience!

We are in Italy, in one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe and I feel compelled to organize a wedding in true Italian style; so I decided to get married in a historical center and I chose Sirmione, considered among the most beautiful and characteristic towns of Lake Garda, it is no coincidence that it is nicknamed La Perla del Garda. From the Scaligero castle, to the imposing Bougainvillea overlooking a house in the center, to the narrow streets that remind me of Ischia, it is the perfect place to bring this magic to life!

Walking through the streets of the historic center, the restaurants are numerous but for my wedding, I certainly don’t want to mix in a place full of tourists dressed in Bermuda shorts and slippers; so I am looking for a reserved restaurant, elegantly furnished in perfect Italian style. In a street adjacent to the castle, there is a very well-kept restaurant; after entering the entrance … IT HAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!

Stefano, the owner, showed me the terrace on the lake, the interior rooms with a window of incredible views and…. Listen Listen …. you can do the ceremony with a civil ceremony on location! There is a suite for the newlyweds and two other rooms for close friends. There are no words to describe the beauty of this place … look at yourself!

The restaurant can accommodate up to 70 people. Each menu is personalized.

P.S. We eat divinely. Established and confirmed!