Location for weddings: how long can you celebrate?

Location for weddings: how long can you celebrate?


For my reception in Riva del Garda, I am looking for a location that has these requisites: refined and chic but above all that gives me the possibility to celebrate until late at night as if there were no tomorrow and as I hope that “tomorrow” it will be, I would like to sleep there and maybe why not, it must also have a swimming pool, so the next day I can freshen up and if it even had a SPA, a relaxing massage would be the icing. This afternoon I have an appointment with Alessandro, who will show me the location, which is very easy to reach because it is on the main road leading to the historic center and if I tell you that it is easy to find, believe it, because in the car I am a real disaster!

After the reception there is a long corridor elegantly furnished that leads to the large terrace overlooking the pool, completely covered in case of bad weather … of the series … B plan.

The hotel has several internal rooms that can accommodate from 10 people (for very intimate weddings) up to 200, but the real gem is that it has a soundproofed tavern with a dance floor, to celebrate until late at night without disturbing the other guests hotel; the capacity is for 100 people.

Naturally I confirmed it and I booked a massage for the next day because there is also a wellness center! Definitely, today, I can define it My lucky day!

The price of the menu per person is € 90 and includes wine.


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