A bride with trousers

A bride with trousers

An alternative and sophisticated alternative in bridal fashion, in vogue for the new season!


Bridal trouser suits are amongst the most popular trends of the new bridal collections.

An original and intriguing style: after all, not all future brides dream about a classic princess styled bridal gown! There are various factors that could influence a future bride to look for a different kind of wedding style: starting from women who have more eccentric taste in clothes, to those who want to stand out choosing a non conventional bridal look, and also those who decide to get married later on in life and therefore feel less inclined towards picking a typical bridal gown, and want a more simple and minimal dress style. Here’s where bridal trousers come in handy!

In the past, this trend was considered a small niche in the area of bridal collections. But now, it seems to have caught the attention of lots of designers, who have reserved a place of honor for this type of bridal looks in their new collections. Therefore, the bridal trouser style is becoming more and more popular, and it really is a great alternative to the more traditional wedding mise. A dynamic, fresh and eccentric choice: it’s a type of outfit that can answer to lots of different fashion tastes, from the classic to the more eccentric ones!

There are a lot of models you can choose from. For example, let yourself be fascinated with the essential charm of a jumpsuit: as a bridal look, designers offer models made with chiffon, with V-necks and wide-leg trousers, seductive one-shoulder models made with precious stain, or models embellished with corsets decorated with precious sparkles. Or, you can choose a more androgynous style, picking an elegant and refined bridal suit. Are you looking for a more elaborate style? Then you could opt for a two piece twin set, made with a corset or crop top, matched with a pair of classic elegant trousers.

What if you can’t decide between a classic bridal gown or a bridal trouser style? Just pick one of the models offered by many different bridal collection Maisons – such as Galvan Sposa – which offer a ‘hybrid’ between a dress and trousers, for a truly fascinating and particular look!

Last but not least, there’s a must have accessory that will further embellish this type of look: the mantle! Be it long or shorter, it can be used instead of a classic bridal veil, for an added extravagant touch to your final bridal look. If you’ve an eccentric personality and you want to go against the grain and the traditional bridal choices for your big day… A bridal trouser set could be the perfect solution for you!


Marta Boldi