Pre-wedding photoshoots

Pre-wedding photoshoots

An extra artistic and creative addition to gather even more wedding memories!


The infamous wedding photoshoots are an irreplaceable element for any wedding day. They might be reportage-style photoshoots, which narrate the day’s events step by step without bothering too much with posed shot; or they might be more traditional and classic posed photoshoots that are mainly focused on the newlyweds, who are ‘stolen’ from their guests to go find the most beautiful spots of the wedding venue where they can be immortalized.

But wedding photos aren’t only these kinds! In fact, the so-called pre-wedding photoshoots are becoming more and more popular, too: want to know what they are? As you might guess, they are photoshoots that are arranged before the big day. Their main purpose is to capture even more images and special shots to add to the wedding memories.

For example, one of the most requested ones is the engagement photoshoot: a photographic session where the future husband and wife are immortalized without the formality of their wedding photos, but rather with the intention of celebrating their engagement and their future wedding day. Organizing an engagement photoshoot is a great idea non just because it allows couples to plan a special day all for themselves – far away, at least for one day, from the stress of wedding planning! – but also because, amongst other things, it allows them to meet and start working with their wedding photographer. Breaking the ice in an occasion such as this allows the couple and the photographer to get to know each other: a key detail, considering that this will then allow the couple to feel less embarrassed and awkward in front of the camera lens on their big day! Once the future bride and groom start feeling more at ease and trusting of their photographer, they’ll be able to act much more spontaneous in their wedding photos, and therefore it’ll be easier to avoid tense faces and plastic poses: that way, the wedding photos will look much more beautiful and natural. Besides, the engagement photoshoot can take place anywhere: a spot that the couple loves particularly, or a location that’s suggested by the photographer, for example. A perfect excuse to get away from their daily routine and go discover a new place, ready to enjoy a full day together with their trusted photographer. All you’ll need to do is ask him for the right suggestions and ideas on how to plan this special shooting: with an expert, such as Giorgio Baruffi, it’ll be super easy to put everything together!

Considering that these shots will all end up in the wedding album, and make it even more special, why not take advantage of these photoshoots? Just as the wedding is a unique and once in a lifetime event, these pre wedding photoshoots can also become amazing experiences to add to your wedding memories: you certainly won’t regret taking part in them!


Marta Boldi