Fruits of the Garda

Fruits of the Garda

There are many tasty (and natural!) local foods that are produced in different farms around the area of Limone del Garda, by the lake’s shores. For example, Frutto del Garda is a farm specialized in the production of a whole range of natural and biological delicacies: let’s find out more!



Limone is a small borough located on the shores of lake Garda. It is famous – as its name suggests – for its numerous lemon orchards, and for its delicious local products, such as extra virgin olive oil.

The land that surrounds this area is filled with different cultivations: an ideal territory for agricultural holdings, like Frutto del Garda farm, specialized for years in the production of jams, liquors, syrups and many other tasty treats.

Frutto del Garda was built on a small piece of land – called Dòs del Paòl – set between the foot of the mountain and the coppice, besides the shores of the lake. The owners have an authentic and passionate interest towards nature and plants, specifically citrus plants. For decades, they have lovingly cultivated and taken care of this land, with a very visible result: the creation of an authentic Garden Wonderland, with 150 tree specimens divided into 45 different species, that generously gift the owners with their fruits all year long. Amongst these, you may find citrons, lemons, oranges, bergamots, chinotti, and grapefruits. The business’ philosophy is well expressed with their logo: the Tree of Life, a tree that mirrors the citrus plants that are covered in leaves, flowers and delicious fruits year round. This tree is meant to indicate the great respect and gratitude that the farm’s owners have towards all of nature.

In 2008, this terrain obtained a certified organic status. This was a very important step for the company, and it marked the beginning of new researches for innovative farming techniques that would respect the environment more and more: biological and biodynamic methods, as well as the use of radio frequencies.

Here, fruit is picked following nature’s cycles, it is then left to dry in the shade and then processed with care following ancient traditional recipes and a rigorous artisan method. The company follows the wise rules of the past, where everything was used and nothing was left to waste.

The result? Fresh, genuine products, rich in flavor: jams, syrups, liquors, oils and olives.

One of their most famous products is their limoncello. This tasty liquor is in fact one of the most requested articles, and it represents a local excellency.

At Frutto del Garda, the entire range of their liquors – not just their limoncello – is produced through the extraction of their own citrus fruits, using biological alcohol and brown sugar. The citrus fruits – lemons, citruses, and oranges – are hand peeled, to use the first layer of their skin, which is richest with precious essential oils. The next step is to proceed with the processing of the liquor in a specialized laboratory, where the ingredients are mixed with the assistance of an expert herbalist: the final result is a set of liquors that are unique in taste, color and density.

It’s definitely worth to pay a visit to this picturesque lake borough, and most of all to visit this family farm personally, to discover their history first-hand and maybe even get the chance to witness a few moments of their production process… As well as having a tasting of some of their delicacies! Remember to buy a few souvenirs….you won’t regret it!


Marta Boldi