Two hearts and … .four legs!

Two hearts and … .four legs!

Can you ever forgive yourself for leaving your best friend at home on the most important day of your life? Of course not! Fortunately, we must not despair, thanks to Martina Ossola who offers a complete service of … Wedding Dog Sitter!


Important notice for all neighbors – new dog lovers: from now on, the invitation to your wedding will also be valid for your best friend: your dog!

In 2012 the Wedding Dog Specialist organization was born, conceived by the young dog educator Martina Ossola. After a married couple asked her to join their beloved Labrador in their marriage in September 2012, Martina accepted the assignment and from there she started this Dog Sitting service, created specifically for the participation of the dogs a day more special than their beloved masters. I do not know about you, but I find it an idea nothing short of fantastic! On the Martina website, you can read all the services offered, listed and explained in detail. Martina explains how she will take care of everything related to the management of the dog during the big day, accompanied by a colleague.

The service thinks of everything! It starts from the first cognitive meeting between dog sitter and dog, organized before the wedding and specifically designed to make Martina known to the puppy: the marriage, in fact, is a new situation, and you have to make sure that the dog does not live it as a stressful experience or scary. Her management, therefore, will simply depend on her signals and her behavior: understanding them, Martina will be able to ensure her wellbeing during the duration of the ceremony. Later, we move to the choice of accessories to be worn for the ceremony, at the grooming service organized on the wedding day to ensure that the dog is more beautiful than ever at the wedding.

And during the ceremony? You can take pictures with your dog, and you can even make a video from his ‘point of view’: a very fun addition to the wedding memories album!

The two dog sitters, in short, will take care of the dog during the entire duration of the ceremony: the service can last from a couple of hours a day, who can also leave their dog to Martina for the night, to enjoy the party until the end and go and take it easy the next day. Whoever has a dog will surely understand and fully appreciate the enormous help and the great usefulness of this service.

Surely, in addition to being rewarded by the gratitude of the couple, Martina and her team will always carry in their hearts the happiness and happiness of all the dogs happy to have been able to stay with their owners on such a special day. Bravi!


Marta Boldi