How to choose your Venue on Lake Garda

How to choose your Venue on Lake Garda

A mini guide to choose the wedding venue most suitable for your wedding!

Choosing the right Venue for your wedding is a fundamental step for organizing your wedding. The reason is simple: it is the place where most of the day will take place (if not all, if you celebrate the ceremony on site), it will also be the most expensive item of all wedding planning, as well as one of the first choices to do, considering that the availability of the most sought-after structures must be requested well in advance.

If you have chosen to celebrate your wedding in the splendid setting of Lake Garda, you will have an almost infinite choice of enchanting places to choose from. From the marvelous and spectacular exclusive locations on the lake, such as the Isola del Garda or the Dogana Veneta, passing through historical and unique locations such as the Vittoriale degli Italiani, not to exclude restaurants dedicated to wedding receptions such as La Speranzina restaurant in Sirmione, there is something for everyone! The decision depends on several factors such as your budget, the number of guests, the type of ceremony you want, and so on. How, then, to move towards the right choice? There are some simple but fundamental criteria that you should keep in mind, when searching for the perfect venue: here are what they are!


The right venue should be easy to access and easy to find, to be reached without problems or endless journeys. A good idea is to try to minimize the distance between the place of the ceremony and that of the party. To further simplify the logistics of the day, it would be perfect to find a venue where you can celebrate both the union and the party. Just look for a venue that has available a private chapel to celebrate a religious marriage, or that is used for the celebration of the civil ceremony for non-religious marriages. If it is not possible to host the ceremony in the same place of the party, it is advisable to offer a shuttle service to facilitate the movement of the guests. It could also be a good idea to agree with hotels in the area (if not with the location itself, if it offers a hospitality service) to allow those who wish to spend the night on site without having to worry about the return journey in the night.


Once you start looking at some specific venues, consider the structure as a whole. How large is it? What kind of venue is it? How many spaces does it offer? Does he have a garden? How many guests can you accommodate? These are just some of the questions that it is good to ask yourself in the process of selecting the right venue. The style of the venue will greatly affect the mood of the wedding: it is useless to spend excessive amounts if you do not look for a rich and opulent setting, just as it is useful to understand how to make the most of the structure if the intent is to do things in great style. The different zones offered by the venue can be used for different times of the day: from the aperitif to the after-dinner party, each area can perform a different task. If the ceremony took place outdoors, it must also be verified that the structure offers a sheltered space if the weather suddenly breaks down.


It is also necessary to obtain information on various other variables that could influence the choice of a specific venue. For example, you need to ask if it offers exclusivity for a single marriage, or if it is a structure used to celebrate multiple weddings in a single day. If the venue was shared by several weddings at the same time, in fact, it is necessary to verify in which way the privacy of the party is safeguarded (for example with divided spaces dedicated to each single wedding). We must also agree on the time available to be respected, considering that many venue impose limits in this regard. Even the number of guests is an incisive factor to keep in mind. Some structures, in fact, do not accept excessively reduced marriages, while others can host only a certain number of guests. It is therefore necessary to orientate the choice of venue also based on this factor! Finally, we must remember to mention the extras: services such as the open bar, the decoration of the venue, the lighting and the assembly and dismantling of the equipment are all services that must be agreed together with the structure. Will the staff of the same take care of it, or will the wedding planner and / or the couple organize them? The venues usually add extra costs for these services, so it is good to agree with the owners of the structure and decide what their staff will take care of, and what the wedding suppliers will take care of.

Once these factors are taken into account, it will be possible to identify the list of “finalist” venues- if not the winning venue – and it will therefore be much easier to make the final choice. The venue of your dreams is waiting for you: all you need is a little patience, curiosity and a desire to discover, to find it!


Marta Boldi