How to organize a ‘fast wedding’

How to organize a ‘fast wedding’

There are couples who really can’t stand the idea of facing infinite wedding preparations, and who would on the contrary much prefer to get married in the shortest time possible! In these cases, then, how can you organize a fast wedding?


A lot of couples go against the grain and, instead of dedicating themselves to the more traditional – and long! – wedding preparations, they choose to organize a fast wedding in the shortest amount of time possible.

How short? Well, statistically the ‘fast’ preparations go from three months to…a single week! A truly limited amount of time, you might say. And rightfully so: putting together a wedding in seven days can really turn into an impossible task. But you know what they say: where there’s a will, there’s a way! The couples who really want to find a way to get married as soon as possible – maybe not in a week, but in a few months’ time – can find a way to arrange the best marriage with the least amount of organizational troubles!

First of all, it’s worth pointing out that there are certain choices that must necessarily be made largely in advance, if possible: for example, booking a famous venue, or creating a specific wedding menu, or having a custom made bridal gown tailored from start to finish, or choosing the wedding favors and the invitations, etc!

Therefore, those who choose to get married quickly should be ready to accept various compromises. However, this doesn’t mean that they need to give up on quality!

Rather, it’s about having adaptability to different circumstances. If you’re someone who’s particularly attentive to details, precise, and meticulous, or if you have very specific ideas and desires for your wedding, then perhaps a fast wedding might not be the most suitable option for you!  If, instead, what matters to you is organizing a special day with your partner to celebrate your Love, surrounded by your friends and family, without having particular pretenses for your wedding planning, then you might be on the right track.


Here are a few practical suggestions for a quick, smooth wedding planning:

First of all, take care of any bureaucratic stuff regarding the wedding: you’ve got to think about any documents, marriage certificates and whatnot as soon as possible, because these things might be the ones that take more time to get sorted out.

Choose what type of ceremony you want to have, keeping in mind that you usually need to reserve a Church in advance, while if you decide to opt for a simple civil ceremony or a symbolic wedding, it’ll be much easier to fix a date as soon as possible.

Choose an atelier that offers pret-a-porter models for your wedding gown, meaning dresses that are ready to be worn, or that at the most need only a few finishing touches to be ready. For example, the l’atelier Pier Sposi , on lake Garda: you’re sure to find the ideal gown for you – one that fits you perfectly and mirrors all your fashion requests –  amongst their latest collections!

You could opt for a minimal style for your flowers, and decide to decorate the room where you’ll get married, the tables and centerpieces of the banquet, and the wedding venue with simple yet elegant floral decorations. A cute, yet fashionable bouquet can be put together in no time: just ask your florist, such as Nibel floral atelier, to help you out with picking the perfect flowers!

What about your make up? If you don’t want to resort to to a DIY make up look, you must consider that this is also another reservation you should make as soon as possible. But, if you don’t have many pretenses for your look, it’ll certainly be easier to find a make up artist to help you out. A suggestion? Ask Make up Wedding, which offers professional make up and styling services for brides!

These are just a few of the fundamental points you should consider to assemble a complete wedding, but even so they can be a valid inspiration to help you get things started.

Organizing a fast wedding could require a lot of patience and hard work, since it’s a very ‘focused’ process. But, with a little perseverance and commitment, you’ll see that you’ll be able to out together a wonderful wedding, in record-breaking time!


Marta Boldi