How to arrange your perfect villa-style wedding

How to arrange your perfect villa-style wedding

Step by step instructions on how to set up your very own romantic wedding in a villa


Do you dream about having a fabulous wedding in an exclusive villa, decorated and arranged especially for your special day? It’s a wonderful idea! As it happens for every wedding, there’s a lot of details you must know how to put together to assemble a practically perfect day: but, all it takes is some well planned, step by step wedding organization, to put the pieces of the puzzle together!

Let’s see a few practical suggestions that could be useful to organize a perfect villa styled wedding:

Picking the venue – Of course, the first thing you need to do is find the perfect villa for your wedding! In an area such as that of Lake Garda, filled with splendid venues that are the ideal hosts for a celebration like this, it’s easy to make your pick: there is in fact an abundance of historical villas all across the lake, each one created with its own style, each one unique in its special way. Just to name one, Villa Bettoni, is a wonderful villa close by Gargnano, available to host exclusive and elegant events: with its fantastic fresco-filled halls, its massive staircase, and its breathtaking lake view, it’s the perfect frame for a fairytale wedding!

The wedding banquet – Once you choose the venue, you need to start planning the rest of the wedding day! First of all, you should take care of the wedding banquet: the table arrangements and catering should be customized for your wedding, following your personal taste and preferences and the style you want for your special day. The mise en place should be taken care of by an expert on the matter, such as the team of Integra Rent, and should be customized with centerpieces, place holders, table names, hall decorations, and of course all the other details that are needed to assemble a wedding table (table cloth, napkins, dishes, glasses, etc.). Before you decide how to put together this arrangement, it’s essential to know the number of guests, for obvious organizational reasons. The next step is the wedding menu: the catering service chosen for your wedding banquet should offer you a selection of dishes that can form different types menus, from which you can pick your favorite one. The choice depends on various factors: the products’ seasonality, the future newlyweds’ culinary preferences, the budget set for the menu, and the catering’s specialties. The wedding menu will play an important role in your big day: that’s why you should pick it carefully!

Decorations – Once you’ve taken care of these first ‘basic’ choices, you can start considering the villa’s general set up. In fact, the venue must be decorated by the future newlyweds, since villas are usually rented without particular decorations – or, rather, they are not decorated especially for one particular wedding. So, you should start picking the floral arrangements you prefer – created by an expert such as Nibel Atelier – to add a romantic and colorful touch to the reception, and the light designing – customized for the occasion by a professional such as Deejay Choice Eventi – which represents a fundamental element especially at night, to create the perfect atmosphere. These two elements will already customize your villa wonderfully, and give your wedding a unique look!

Entertainment, transportation, photographers, & co…. – The list certainly doesn’t end here! In fact, even though a lot of the choices for your wedding planning will have been already taken care of with the hall’s decorations, the wedding menu, and the floral arrangements, there’s still a lot of important details left to consider! For example, the music: you can chose between a live band that will entertain your guests with the latest hits, or for a more traditional wedding you can hire some classic musicians, such as the ensemble of Massimo Turrini. Another fundamental element is choosing the wedding photographer: you should pick one of the top professionals of the business – an excellent suggestion could be , Giorgio Baruffi – to be sure that your wedding photos will come out wonderful and look unique! Remember you’ve also got to think about the wedding car: for example, what about a nice vintage car, such as the fantastic Morgan model offered by Arceri Autonoleggi? An entrance with style, indeed!

Surely, these steps represent just the starting phase and the bigger choices for a wedding planning list, but they certainly make a solid base from which you can start!


Marta Boldi