Looking for a restaurant for an informal wedding

Looking for a restaurant for an informal wedding


I am looking for a restaurant for the wedding reception and the first question that comes to my mind is “What features should a restaurant have to celebrate a wedding?” The first is the view of the lake, whether on the hill or on the water the view it is an imperative given that we are on Lake Garda; then you have to eat well and the location must have a space for musicians because without music, what party would it be?

A few minutes drive from Desenzano, there is a restaurant that is right for me, it is very nice, it has a great garden (perfect for children) and overlooks the lake. I did an inspection and Ivan, the owner showed me both the external porch and the inner rooms (floor B). At 100 meters from the restaurant there is also his hotel, an excellent solution for my guests who come from other cities, so they can walk to their rooms without worrying about drinking too many glasses, because at weddings it can happen!

An informal environment, very nice and characteristic.

The choice of menu is varied and the price per person is € 120.00 and they have over 60 menus to offer!

The restaurant is Michelin starred, a guarantee!

Apollo Restaurant

Hotel Luxury Spa