Discovering san Virgilio


A boat tour to guide you through the discovery of the beautiful island of San Virgilio: a great idea to enjoy a relaxing day at the lake!



Discovering lake Garda sailing on a boat can be an original and fun way to organize a different type of tour. Bertoldi Boats organizes tours aboard their ships, with different routes and destinations to accomodate their guests’ preferences. It could be a great experience to share with your friends on a special occasion, such as the day after your wedding!
There are many tours available: for example, one of them is called the “San Virgilio tour”.

This tour includes an itinerary set between Sirmione and San Virgilio island: here are its main points of interest:



SIRMIONE: The tour will start sailing along the banks of Sirmione, a romantic medieval village that rises right on the banks of the lake. Here you can admire several points of interest such as the former villa of Maria Callas, where the lyrical diva took refuge during a break in the 50’s: it is said that she fell in love with Sirmione, to the point that she would have wanted to be buried there! Unfortunately, it did not end like that, but locals still notice the presence of the diva inside the city walls! Today the beautiful villa has become a condominium. Continuing with the excursion, you will pass by the Acquaria thermal spa, where the famous Sirmione Water is produced, coming from the sulfur springs in the lake waters: the spa is a small piece of paradise, an oasis of relaxation that attracts tourists from all over the world! Further on, you will reach the Caves of Catullo: this is an important archaeological site, as these are the largest Roman remains in northern Italy.

Once you reach the extreme point of Sirmione, navigation will continue towards the beautiful Siren Bay and then towards San Virgilio island. Siren Bay is a small piece of lake paradise, a beach that is absolutely worth visiting, especially if you wish to spend a few hours relaxing, perhaps reading a nice book by the lake shores. You must pay for admission, but it is worth the price! Its crystal clear water seems to come from the Caribbean sea: a perfect spot to ask for a quick stop to take a nice bath! The tour then carries on towards San Virgilio island…

San Virgilio: it is a refined little peninsula that is set amongst a natural green background and includes a small port, a bar and a restaurant, built in the ‘500s. As history would have it, the island welcomed many famous guests such as Winston Churchill and prince Charles. You may request a stop here, to have a coffee break at the bar or relax with a leisurely walk to explore this charming location up close. San Virgilio looks like it is set out of time: to this day it holds a unique historical charm, and it is rich in art as much as it is in history and culture. What is most appreciated by visitors is its wonderful colors and the beautiful glimpses of light and nature caught in different spots: in fact, this is the ideal location for photography lovers, because they’ll certainly get multiple chances to test their skills in this landscape!

Moving on with the tour, you will sail by the stunning Villa Canossa, hidden amongst the gulf’s nature: watching it from the water, this building seems to come straight out of a beautiful oil painting! You will then make route for port Garda, where you will dock. Navigation time is estimated to be around an hour and a half, with no stops. However, if you wish to ask for a stop at San Virgilio island or in any other location for a quick dive in the lake, you may arrange that with your tour guide. You may also request other ‘extras’ on board, such as a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of prosecco or snacks to share with your friends.

In short: they will be glad to take care of every detail to make your stay on board as pleasant as possible! Guests’ comfort is an absolute priority. So, if you have a free day, don’t waste the opportunity to explore these hidden gems across the lake, guided by experts that will be happy to show you the best views and spots, to give you a fun, curious and interesting tour to share with your dear ones!

Marta Boldi


San Virgilio Tour (Duration 1 hour and 30 minute)


1-5 persons: 217,50 €

6-10 persons: 240 €

11-15 persons: 285 €

16-20 persons: 315€

21-25 persons: 360€


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