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One of the many ways to enjoy a visit to Lake Garda is by making a nice boat trip! Bertoldi Boats offers the opportunity to organize customizable tours to discover the lake and its most beautiful landscapes!




Sailing on the lake to discover the natural beauty and the local gastronomy of lake Garda: how wonderful! Thanks to Bertoldi Boats, you can organize one of these original trips aboard their boats. This, for example, can be a great idea to propose to your guests the day after your wedding, for a bit of healthy (and tasty) relaxation after the festivities! Your friends will be delighted to share this experience with you! An example may be the tour called “Degustazione Isola” (literally: “Tastes of the Island”)

This tour offers a very interesting itinerary, with a route that runs between Sirmione and Garda island. Here are some of the most interesting places to visit:

SIRMIONE: The tour will start sailing along the banks of Sirmione, a romantic medieval village that rises right on the banks of the lake. Here you can admire several points of interest such as the former villa of Maria Callas, where the lyrical diva took refuge during a break in the 50’s: it is said that she fell in love with Sirmione, to the point that she would have wanted to be buried there! Unfortunately, it did not end like that, but locals still notice the presence of the diva inside the city walls! Today the beautiful villa has become a condominium. Continuing with the excursion, you will pass by the Acquaria thermal spa , where the famous Sirmione Water is produced, coming from the sulfur springs in the lake waters: the spa is a small piece of paradise, an oasis of relaxation that attracts tourists from all over the world! Further on, you will reach the Caves of Catullo: this is an important archaeological site, as these are the largest Roman remains in northern Italy. Once you reach the extreme point of Sirmione, navigation will continue towards ….


MANERBA ROCK: This is an impressive and evocative cliff overlooking the lake. In addition to being a beautiful natural sight, this is a place with an important historical value: it is said that the first human traces in the area date all the way back to Prehistoric times! In addition, there is an interesting legend regarding this Rock: it is said that in ancient times it was inhabited by a fierce wolf that terrorized the inhabitants of the surrounding areas. They put a price on its head, and three young men were chosen to try to kill him: a young boy from the city of Moniga, another one from Raffa and another one from the old Pieve. The first two attempted to capture the wolf but failed and were thrown off the cliff by the fierce beast. Pieve’s young man, however, managed to call the wolf’s attention with fake howls and confronted him with a cross: the wolf , frightened, retreated until it reached the end of the rock and fell to its death. It is said that the two rocks under the cliff are the transfigured bodies of the first two young men killed, while the cross at the top of the cliff represents the cross with which the wolf was defeated.


The itinerary of the tour continues from Manerba to reach another lake’s point of interest

RABBIT ISLAND: This is a pretty isle; in fact its real name would be Island of San Biagio, but it is commonly called ‘Rabbit Island’ because it is inhabited by a multitude of cute bunnies that run free across this piece of land, now accustomed to the presence of humans. The crystal clear waters surrounding this island can be a good place to ask for a stopover for a nice bath, if you wish! Once you finished visiting this small island, you will continue to …


GARDA ISLAND: The island is the residence of the Counts Borghese-Cavazza, who have been lovingly engaged for many years in maintaining the natural beauty of the incredible botanical garden surrounding the island’s charm and the historic importance of its palace. The island of Garda is a place of rare beauty: a picturesque location that welcomed many people in the course of history. In ancient times, it was the residence of St. Francis, St. Anthony of Padua, S.Bernardino da Siena and, probably, Dante Alighieri. Today it remains one of the most requested and sought after locations in all of Lake Garda for important events and weddings: its timeless elegance remains intact,and it is absolutely worth taking the time to visit it!  Here, on request, you can arrange a stop for a tour of the island and its palace, and an aperitif on the palace’s terrace.


The planned total sailing time is about one and a half hours, but as indicated, you can ask for additional stops: apart from the aperitif on Garda Island, you can also make a stop to take a nice bath in the lake ,wherever you wish. In addition, on board you can request some ‘extras’ such as a flowers, a bottle of prosecco or snacks for you and your friends. Once the cruise has finished, you wil dock at the port of Manerba. The tour will then end with your return to Sirmione. In short, surely this nautical tour can be a great opportunity to discover new and unknown places in lake Garda, to admire its natural beauty from a new perspective, and to spend a fun and relaxing day with your dear ones!

Marta Boldi

Garda Island Tour:


1-5 persons € 217,50

6-10 persons € 240

11-15 persons € 285

16-20 persons € 315

21-25 persons € 360


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