15 December, 2017 Editorial Publications

At Villa Sostaga for a “royal” wedding The beautiful villa of Lake Garda offers a treatment worthy of a royal family for those who choose it as a location for their wedding     Villa Sostaga is a period residence in Gragnano, in the province of Brescia: a refined and exclusive location, with sumptuously decorated […]

13 December, 2017 Editorial Publications

THE “FRUITS” OF LAKE GARDA There are many tasty (and natural!) local foods that are produced in different farms around the area of Limone del Garda, by the lake’s shores. For example, Frutto del Garda is a farm specialized in the production of a whole range of natural and biological delicacies: let’s find out more! […]

5 December, 2017 Editorial Publications

Black and white charm Black and white photos have a unique charm, and they can give any location, such as Lake garda, an added touch of authenticity and magic: Maddalena Bianchi knows that well! She’s specialized in this particular style of photography, and told us all about it….   Maddalena Bianchi shares her photographic approach […]

25 November, 2017 Editorial Publications

MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT WITH BKATCH A gorgeous venue, such as one on Lake Garda, isn’t enough to leave your guests speechless: entertainment is one of the fundamental elements for any wedding! We interviewed Barbara Bianchi, director of BKATCH music and events, an expert in organizing flawless wedding entertainment shows.        You can’t imagine […]

23 November, 2017 Editorial Publications

THE EMOTIONS OF STORYTELLING ON LAKE GARDA We interviewed Giorgio Baruffi, who sees weddings at the perfect occasion to narrate the most beautiful Love stories of all time…   We interviewed Giorgio Baruffi, a photographer with a unique style who is capable of immortalizing all the most vivid emotions of a wedding day, to create […]

19 November, 2017 Editorial Publications

GIORGIA CARAMANTI’S CUSTOMIZED CEREMONY Are you looking for a personal, unique and once-in-a-lifetime wedding ceremony on lake Garda? Giorgia has the perfect solution for you…   Not all weddings need to be the same! In fact, there are many couples who chose to have a customized and untraditional wedding ceremony. As a wedding planner, Giorgia […]

9 November, 2017 Editorial Publications

A BLOOMING WEDDING ON LAKE GARDA Flowers are essential for every wedding: from the bouquet to the decorations, you can’t go without the elegant and romantic touch only they can provide. We interviewed a team of experts on the matter: the team behind Nibel floral Atelier     Flowers hold a place of honor amongst […]

14 October, 2017 Editorial Publications
THE ART OF BEING A WEDDING PLANNER It’s one of the fundamental figures in the correct organization of a wedding. It’s a job that requires creativity, romance and lots of passion: here’s what it means to be a wedding planner, according to  a ‘speaker of honor’ Dovile Rutkauskaite   Hello Dovile, your job is wonderful: [...]
26 September, 2017 Editorial Publications
THE FORTRESS OF LOVE A historic location that provides the perfect frame for an enchanting ceremony: we’re talking about Lonato Castle, better known as the Rocca of Lonato (fortress of Lonato). Let’s take a look at this exclusive location   Lonato castle. It was once considered a strategically important fortress for military and defensive actions [...]
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