14 May, 2019 News

A gift for the future husband A few tips on finding a nice present for your partner, before the big day!   Amongst the various wedding traditions that are usually followed by most couples, we shouldn’t forget about one in particular, that the future bride should take care of: a wedding gift for her future […]

3 May, 2019 News

A social media-friendly wedding? No thank you! How to protect your privacy in the world of social networks during your wedding day   Social networks have become a part of our everyday lives, for all of us – more or less. In fact, even if they’re a minority, there are still people who are ‘against’ […]

11 April, 2019 News

A bride in sneakers A glamour and ‘rebel’ choice for your bridal look!   Are you looking for a way to put together a bridal look that’s really eccentric and particular? Perhaps this trend could be the perfect inspiration for you: bridal sneakers! A glamorous, carefree and young touch: an idea that might not sit […]

4 April, 2019 News

Hen party: a guide for the bride’s friends How to organize the perfect party!   A hen party is the perfect occasion for the future bride to gather her closest friends and the women of her family, to celebrate the start of her new life as a wife! Normally, the organization of this event is […]

27 February, 2019 News

How to organize a mini wedding Ideas and suggestions on how to plan a charmingly small wedding Mini weddings are becoming more and more popular amongst engaged couples: a trend that allows people to truly re-discover the importance and significance of celebrating such an intimate and special day, which should only be shared with the […]

21 February, 2019 News

Wedding gifts to avoid A few suggestions on types of presents that you should not bring to a wedding…   Wedding gifts are important and should be chosen with care. Obviously, it doesn’t matter how much you spend, it’s much more important to know how to pick the right present. Nobody likes the idea of […]

16 February, 2019 News

A child-free wedding Here is why and how certain couples choose to have a child-free wedding   Some couples would prefer to organize a wedding where there are no children. There can be many different reasons why: even starting for the simple fact that, without an adequate entertainment service planned especially for them, it could […]

11 February, 2019 News

How to indicate the wedding dress code your guests The dress code must be notified in advance, to ask its guests to respect the rules of clothing: whether it is a particular color or style, here’s how to indicate them.   Among the numerous details of the organization of the wedding, you could choose to […]

4 February, 2019 News

The time capsule An original idea to preserve the wedding memories of your friends        There are several ways to collect precious wedding memories: from holding greeting cards to gifts, creating personalized photo albums, taking a professional videomaker that turns a real wedding movie that tells the whole day. Another idea, simple to implement […]

26 January, 2019 News

WHAT KIND OF BRIDE WILL YOU BE? YOUR ZODIAC SIGN WILL TELL YOU! Zodiac signs are a part of our character: so how can the also influence our approach to marriage?   Those who believe in horoscopes know that the signs influence every aspect of our lives…including our wedding day! So look for your sign, […]

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