26 September, 2019 News

Today begins my adventure in Garda Special Wedding! I will travel far and wide across Lake Garda to discover all the places where you can get married; from the municipal halls for the civil ceremony, to the beaches, to the churches for the religious ceremony, up to the most characteristic and exclusive locations in the […]

20 September, 2019 News

Get married on Lake Garda for a princely wedding! A dream come true All as children we dreamed of a fairytale wedding … and, even if grown up, as future brides we would like this wish to become a reality! Undoubtedly, a fundamental element for a fairytale wedding is the choice of location. Lake Garda […]

8 September, 2019 News

Tips for a Vintage Wedding Some suggestions for a wedding of another era! One of the most popular wedding themes is the vintage themed wedding. This choice can be ideal especially for couples who want to organize an original wedding that does not have a too traditional and set atmosphere. With a vintage wedding you […]

28 August, 2019 News

Wine Wedding A new wedding trend to discover   Having a ‘Wine Wedding’ is one of the newest trends followed by couples who are looking for an original wedding theme! Simply put, it consists in planning a wedding that revolves around wine. After all, especially in an area such as that of lake Garda, it […]

28 July, 2019 News

5 decoration ideas for the Wedding Car! A few original and fun ideas to decorate the newlywed’s automobile   The newlyweds’ car will be one of the protagonists of the big day: after all, it holds the responsibility of transporting the couple from one place to the next, so it’s only fair that it should […]

18 July, 2019 News

What to give for the first Wedding Anniversary How to find the perfect gift for this special occasion   The first wedding anniversary is a very important stage. And like all special dates, it must be celebrated as it deserves: after all, it’s an opportunity to remember a day that changed your life forever! It […]

7 July, 2019 News

Honeymoon on lake Garda What to see during the honeymoon   Lake Garda can be a fantastic honeymoon destination: one of the most evocative places in Italy, full of treasures to be discovered. Among medieval villages, spaces immersed in nature, and breathtaking views, the Garda area is perfect for an unforgettable honeymoon between history, nature, […]

28 June, 2019 News

“Natural” symbolic rituals Let’s discover the Rite of the Rose and the Tree planting ceremony   In the vast choice of symbolic rituals that can be included in one’s wedding ceremony, there are two particularly interesting ones for nature-loving couples: we are talking about the Rite of the Rose and the Tree planting ceremony. What […]

5 June, 2019 News

Ideas for a ‘green’ wedding How to organize a sustainable wedding   The environment should always be respected, in every occasion: wedding day included! In fact, by paying attention to few details, you can organize a ‘green wedding’, meaning a wedding with a low impact on the environment. Take note from these suggestions, to make […]

14 May, 2019 News

A gift for the future husband A few tips on finding a nice present for your partner, before the big day!   Amongst the various wedding traditions that are usually followed by most couples, we shouldn’t forget about one in particular, that the future bride should take care of: a wedding gift for her future […]

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