16 January, 2018 Editorial mentions

The Wedding car of your dreams It’s important to choose a vehicle that mirrors your taste and the mood of your ceremony, for your wedding!     The arrival of the bride is one of the most awaited moments of a wedding: therefore, it’s entrance needs to be made in style! Not only that: the […]

31 December, 2017 Editorial mentions

A sexy bride – by Photogek Do you want to give your future husband an original and…’hot’ present? With Photogek you can organize a boudoir photoshoot, where you can express all your sensuality for a gift that will, without a doubt, be very, very appreciated…     Any occasion is good to express some of […]

23 December, 2017 Editorial mentions

A PARTY FOR EVERYONE When you organize a wedding, you can’t limit yourself to organizing a party solely for ‘adults’, you’ve also got to consider your ‘younger’ guests: children and kids need to be involved in the party, too! What is the best way you can do that?     Adults aren’t the only ones […]

9 December, 2017 Editorial mentions

In London, getting married on lake Garda is very, very cool! Amongst the numerous foreign couples who pick lake Garda as the setting for their wedding,  many of them are English. in fact, there’s a trend that’s rapidly expanding in London: having a ‘made in Italy’ wedding      A touch of British charm is […]

7 December, 2017 Editorial mentions

WEDDING HOSPITALITY Some wedding venues offer a hospitality service for the newlyweds and their guests, for one night or more. This is certainly an important added cost, but it also offers equally important benefits, that should be carefully considered!   Getting married in a venue away from your home gives an almost ‘adventurous’ touch to […]

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